Tetsuya Yamagishi

Partner, PwC Tax Japan

International Tax Services 、M&A Group Services
CPA (Japan, US)、Certified Public Tax Accountant


I began my career with PwC Tax Japan in 1999 after I had passed the examination of the Japanese Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Before joining PwC Tax Japan, I studied German / EU study at Sophia University and decided to drastically change my career to become a Japanese CPA based on my internship experience at the biggest German financial institution in Frankfurt. After 5-year working experience at PwC Tax Japan, I took on a challenge to be seconded to PwC US Chicago office from 2004 to 2007 to support Japanese clients operating business in the US from Japanese and US tax perspectives.  In 2011, I became a Head of M&A Tax practice that provide Japanese and non-Japanese multinationals with M&A tax services including tax due diligence, tax structuring, reorganization, international tax planning and tax model review etc., on various domestic and cross boarder M&A deals.  My industry/client portfolio is very diverse from the leading steel producer to the most advanced IT service provider in the world.

As my public interest, I am willing to make contribution to provide stability and certainty in the Japanese tax system which enables Japanese multinationals to do business in more stable and reasonable tax environment.  I am a member of the Committee for International Taxation and Reorganization sponsored by Japan Tax Association and made great contribution to the issuance of several epoch-making guidance as to the Japanese tax treatment of various reorganization in foreign jurisdictions and the application of Japanese CFC rule to the reorganization and tax consolidation in foreign jurisdictions.  

I graduated from Sophia University and received a Master of Accounting (Taxation) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  I am Japanese and US Illinois CPA and Japanese Licensed Tax Accountant (Zeirishi) and also a trilingual in Japanese (native), English (business) and German (conversational).

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Project Results and Achievements

  • Integration of the Thermal Power Systems Business and cross-border PMI between major heavy industry players
  • Merger of major steel manufacturers and cross-border PMI
  • Integration of major beverage companies and PMI 
  • Global carve-out M&A for major automotive parts companies
  • Acquisition of major supermarket franchise store and cinema complex by private equity
  • Investment in copper mine in Chile, coal mine in Mozambique, and oil/gas interest in Italy by major trading houses
  • Assistance to introduce tax consolidation for major apparel company and steel manufacturer

Professional Vision

“What I do” is supporting clients to transform themselves to win in the global competition by leveraging my technical expertise and 15-year international and M&A tax service experience. “How I do it” is what really sets me apart from the other tax professionals. I am passionate, always full of energy and love building trusting relationships with both clients and colleagues. I have a wider public interest in ensuring stability and certainty in the Japanese tax system, so I also enjoy thinking big and visioning into the future while keeping a strong sense of integrity close to my heart. I truly believe that this unique combination of passion, integrity, network and technical expertise has been the key success factor throughout my professional career.