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Kenji Okuda

Kenji Okuda

Partner, PwC Taiwan, PwC Japan



Summary of expertise

Kenji Okuda had been dealing with audits and Initial public offerings for a large number of listed and unlisted companies including a lot of financial organs after joining Chuo Audit Corporation, Osaka office in 1994.

From August 2000, he started his new post in Hong Kong with audit services for the business of mainly retailing and manufacturing, and became the person in charge of local Japanese corporations to provide services for Japanese companies in Hong Kong and China for about 10 years. He has joined PwC Taiwan since July 2010.
Kenji has had many different fields of experiences with suggestions regarding Auditing, corporate restructuring, IFRS integration, J-SOX works, cross-border tax issues consultation services for multinational enterprises, and M&A, operating improvement consultation, etc.

Including providing solutions to issues between Taiwan and Japan, with his understandings of Greater China Region, he also contributes to offering corporate restructuring alternatives.
Since he is engaged in solutions to issues regarding International Tax and accounting, he has a plenty of work experience and knowledge of the accounting and taxation business in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.


According to the statistics of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Taiwan’s GDP in 2015 was ranked 22nd in the world and exceeded Japan per capita GDP on purchasing power parity base. Electronic related is the main industry in Taiwan, and Taiwanese companies are the world first placed or some of the largest in the world for the amount of production such as laptops, tablets, LCD monitors, CRT monitors, desktop PCs, motherboards, CD&DVDs, DRAMs, and LEDs.

Moreover, as seen the prompt disaster reliefs and contributions by Taiwanese people for natural disasters such as The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and The 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, there are relatively many Japanophiles in Taiwan, and interactions of people and economic exchanges between Taiwan and Japan have become more and more intensive. Therefore, Japanese companies frequently invested Taiwan from an early stage. In recent years, it is a transition to a new stage which leads in-bound investments to Japan by Taiwan like business supports to major electronics companies in Japan by the representative EMS companies of Taiwan and acquisitions of Japanese banks by Taiwanese banks.

Taiwan is not only closely related with Japan, but also with China, so that has firmly established its position in China market since Taiwanese companies expanded the market from an early stage using merits of Taiwan being geographically adjacent to Main land China and having commons in language, history, and culture. In addition, in 2015, two of the long-awaited tax treaties were concluded between China and Taiwan in August, and between Japan and Taiwan in November. In the aforementioned conditions, Taiwan continues to play an important role in order for Japanese companies to expand business in Greater China.


  • Certified Public Accountant in Japan
  • Taiwan CPA

Contact details

Tel: 886-2-2729-6115