City Green Court

One of the top environmental-friendly buildings in the Czech Republic, awarded with the LEED Platinum certificate

The City Green Court eight-storey building is located in the attractive borough of Pankrác, Prague, in close vicinity to municipal public transport, the Arkády shopping centre, which offers a wide range of cervices, and the Central Park, where you can relax and repose. The building construction was completed in 2012.

The Richard Meier & Partners architectonic studio based in New York created the unique contemporary design of the building exterior and the Cuboid Architekts studio provided the interior design of the PwC premises.

City Green Court was the first Czech building to be issued the LEED Platinum precertificate, witnessing to its status of the most advanced environmental-friendly buildings in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to numerous innovations and state-of-the-art technologies, the City Green Court building provides modern and pleasant environment to all our employees and visitors. The most appreciated equipment includes a sophisticated lighting system using room occupancy sensors and natural light and automatically switching-off lights; monitoring of internal and external CO2 emissions connected to the ventilation control system; a grand enclosed atrium using natural ventilation; a bicycle garage with a utility room; or an electric vehicle charging station.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Enviromental Design) is an international green building certification system developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Under the system, the key parameter for building classification is the degree to which the design and construction of the building reflect environmental soundness.

A full-grown olive tree in the atrium, planted by representatives of the largest tenants, the developer and the Authority of City Borough Prague 4 on 12 September 2012, is the symbol of the City Green Court building.

Black olive tree (Bucida Buceras) is a resilient, evergreen tree, which usually grows up to 15 metres tall and wide and can live over one hundred years. Our tree grew in Florida and subsequently stayed for several years in a Dutch greenhouse to acclimatise. At the time of its planting in the City Green Court atrium, our tree was 47 years old and 11 metres tall. In many cultural systems, an olive tree is a symbol of longevity, harmony and victory.


(Pictured from right to left) Jiří Moser -  Country Managing Partner; Monika Horníková - CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Czech Republic; Nicklas Lindberg – President of Skanska Commercial Development Europe; Marie Passburg – President of Skanska Property Czech Republic; and Pavel Horálek – Mayor of City Borough Prague 4

Jiří Moser, řídící partner PwC Česká republika - fotografie

“Our decision to relocate to an environmental-friendly building was a logical step. We believe that a LEED certified office building will help us to reduce negative impacts on the environment and simultaneously to create healthy, comfortable and inspiring working space for our employees and clients. The technologies applied in the building allow to reduce electricity and water consumption and thus also operating costs, which we perceive as a substantial benefit. The architectonic design of the building provides a great degree of flexibility and the possibility to support modern working patterns and active team interactions.”

Jiří Moser, Country Managing Partner
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