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Leadership Programme

Cutting edge leadership skills for successful companies

Understanding yourself is the key to success

Our leadership workshops are suitable for anyone who wants to develop and empower their leadership skills and become successful leaders.
All workshops are highly interactive and use proven techniques, methods and procedures to develop your leadership skills and competencies. 


Leadership workshops

Self Leadership

Knowing and growing yourself is a prerequisite to effectively leading others. This 1-day workshop focuses on open communication and on becoming aware of one’s own strengths and potential.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand who you are as a leader and get to know your communication style,
  • Be aware of your personal strengths and unrealized potential,
  • Understand and use the empathetic feedback model,
  • Experience the power of non-directive leadership,
  • Experience the presence of high quality listening,
  • Know the importance of appreciation and celebration. 

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People Leadership

This 1-day workshop focuses on motivating individuals by knowing what drives them and recognising their aspirations.

After completing the course you will:
  • Be aware of the power of emotional intelligence,
  • Understand the 4-level energy model and how to apply it to yourself and others,
  • Be able to have difficult conversations with empathy,
  • Know how to lead out of conflict,
  • Create an inspirational vision for your team,
  • Support your team members with their career and aspirations.

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Organisational Leadership

This 1-day workshop focuses on building trust and team culture and setting the right decision strategy. 

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand how to create a team culture,
  • Seed for debate and get all perspectives in the room, 
  • Develop a decision making strategy for your team, 
  • Know how to build a culture of accountability and commitment, 
  • Focus on results in the context of the strategy.

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Transformational Leadership

This 1-day workshop will help you to lead and motivate your colleagues in an ever-changing and interconnected world.

After completing the course you will:
  • Understand the change curve and its impact on the individual,
  • Utilize the innovation model,
  • Implement innovation tools for better results,
  • Apply a systematic creative problem solving approach, 
  • Define how to prototype and test results.

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Female Leadership

Women face a unique set of challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions. Learn how to inspire, influence and ignite.

After completing the course you will:
  • Know what it takes to make an impact, 
  • Self promote with confidence,
  • Build upon your strengths, 
  • Define your personal why for leadership, 
  • Focus on what motivates you, 
  • Face challenges with a new strategy, 
  • Celebrate milestones with your mentor.

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In addition to Leadership workshops, you can also sign up for Leadership programmes
that will help you with long-term leadership development.


Leadership programmes

Personal Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development Tailored made programme that efficiently combines theory, practical examples, case studies and interactive exercises. This fully personalized six-month programme focuses on your top talents' specific development needs. Our main objective is to help your talents to further develop and implement the leadership skills and become  successful leaders that will grow the business strategy to achieve your business goals.

Each session lasts for two hours, every two weeks. The sessions will take place in person or online and will be held in English or Czech. Materials are tailored-made and relevant to your organisation and knowledge of the participant.

Areas covered:
  • Clarifying vision and objectives,
  • Managing performance,
  • Leading an effective team by planning actions and follow-up,
  • Understanding the importance of open, confident communication and presentation skills,
  • Focusing and achieving set goals.

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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching supports each person in finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.

In the initial discovery session we will define the goals you want to reach. Your compass will be used to get a snapshot of where you currently are at and where you would like to be in a period of 3/6/9/12 months. Duration of the discovery session is 90 min.

This initial discovery session will help you to get to know your coach and check in with the chemistry. After the discovery session and targeting the goals you want to achieve, you will define where you are on a scale from 0 – 10 and the gap will provide an additional goal to focus on. Having an initial ranking helps to check in and create awareness for you that the progress is being made. Your coach will track your progress by using surveys and 360 degree feedback and will celebrate with you every milestone you achieve and every progress you accomplish. 

Individual coaching, each coaching session lasts 45-60 min. The sessions will be in person or online and will be held in English or Czech. 

We highly recommend signing in for the package of 6 sessions, taken in 8 weeks time maximum to reach the desired results. 

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Kamila Menšíková

Kamila Menšíková

Training Coordinator, PwC Academy, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 735 701 535

Michal Vychodil

Michal Vychodil

Head of PwC Academy, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 602 589 530

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