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Risk Assurance

The insight and independent assurance we bring provides an invaluable safeguard in today's complex operating environment. We work with our clients in their boardrooms and their back offices, delivering business control to help them to protect and strengthen every aspect of their business from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience.

Risk is a fact of life for business – and it is growing in importance to businesses around the world. It exists in various forms, from potential cybersecurity breaches to possible breaks in the supply chain. Risk cannot be avoided altogether, but it can be managed and mitigated. And, a business can prepare for what may be lurking around the corner. That’s where PwC’s Risk Assurance practice comes in.

We look at your organisation's processes, policies, systems, and controls with a fresh eye. Focusing on areas such as IT technology, finance, data analytics, regulatory requirements, data security and privacy, internal audit, and the third parties our clients rely on, we play an important role in helping our clients reduce risk and deliver high quality results, while meeting their strategic objectives.

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Paul Pak

Partner, Asset and Wealth Management, Singapore, PwC Singapore

+65 9622 4233


Ang Sock Sun

Insurance Accounting and Regulatory Advisory Leader, Singapore, PwC Singapore

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Mark Jansen

Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader, Singapore, PwC Singapore

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Fang Eu-Lin

Partner, Government and Public Services, Singapore, PwC Singapore

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Kwok Wui San

Risk, Regulations & Compliance Leader, PwC Singapore

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Ng Siew Quan

Asia Pacific Leader, Entrepreneurial and Private Business, PwC Singapore

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Greg Unsworth

Greg Unsworth

Digital Business and Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Singapore

Tel: +65 9848 6025

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