Tax Dispute Resolution

We are living at the heart of the most challenging tax environment in history – a global phenomenon leading to an increase in the number and size of tax audits, assessments, and disputes. 

Tax authorities worldwide are under increasing pressure to close the “tax gap” by tackling tax evasion, tax avoidance and other non-compliance.  

This pressure on our tax authorities is resulting in more investigations, larger adjustments and an increase in the additional tax, interest and penalties collected from these enquiries. 

Tax investigations can be stressful, disruptive and expensive – be proactive, don’t wait until you run into difficulty.  

Our dedicated tax dispute resolution team has several years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the tax investigation procedures and practices to help you prevent, manage and resolve tax audits and enquiries.

How we can help 

From routine tax enquiries to in-depth tax investigations or assistance in bringing your tax affairs in order through voluntary disclosures, our dedicated team can guide you through every step of the process.

Whether you are a sole trader running your own business, operate in partnership, a large corporate group or act as a Trustee/ Executor, we can help on a wide range of tax investigation matters including Corporate Tax, VAT, Personal Tax and FSS audits.

Are you looking at minimising your risk assessment score with the Maltese tax authorities? 

  • Assistance with Compliance checks

  • Assessing tax risk profiles and exposures

  • Voluntary Disclosures and related filings

  • Preparing documentation and files to support tax positions in anticipation of future tax authority request for information/enquiries

  • Evaluating transactions and providing assistance in obtaining technical opinions, rulings, clearances in advance of your transactions

Tax audit and queries

  • Attendance to meetings with the tax authorities 
  • Handling requests for documentation and queries from tax authorities
  • Assistance with the capital accretion wealth analysis
  • Negotiating audits, responses to audit queries and timelines
  • Engaging with tax authorities to agree on approach to progressing issues collaboratively
  • Tax advice and guidance on technical matters
  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of declarations and review of supporting evidence filed with the tax authorities
tax dispute resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution 

  • Advising on estimated endangered tax 
  • Review of tax authorities’ final workings and reconciliations
  • Advising on estimated interest charges and additional tax penalties
  • Managing tax dispute resolution process in a nonconfrontational and effective/collaborative manner
  • Filing of objections forms
  • Handling submission of tax returns and/or adjustment forms and related tax payments and follow ups

Remission of interest and additional tax penalties

  • Review of revised tax statements following finalisation of negotiations 
  • Reconciliation to estimated interest and additional tax calculation

  • Preparation and filing of remission request forms and supporting declarations

  • Liaison with tax authorities on the processing of the request and related queries

  • Assistance with the submission of tax payments

  • Remission agreement execution

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