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Our team is focused on generating ideas with our clients and taking those forward. We help reframe problems that need attention. In our constantly changing environment, we give business leaders an understanding of what their customers most value and what initiatives to prioritise.

Each organisation is unique in its needs and challenges. There is no one solution to a problem but moving forward isn’t an option.

At the Hub, we are changing the way we work and invite you to change with us. Through a combination of  specialist teams and spaces, a new creative way of working comes to life. Here, we innovate, disrupt and truly co-create with our clients. It’s as much about finding solutions as it is embracing a new mindset, deepening relationships and helping our clients grow in a more agile way. We use our own expertise and bring in the right collaborators to make innovation happen, moving fast and incrementally through our approach.


How do we do this?

Our approach is supported by a unique physical environment based on a collaborative process. This enables clients to innovate, achieve high levels of productivity and solve complex business challenges. Our client team, together with our PwC's consultants, external key experts and customers, will be involved in the process to boost collaboration and creative thinking.


We bring customer and industry insights to the table. We challenge thinking by bringing in different perspectives. This allows us to generate a range of possibilities. Sometimes this means we reframe what we are trying to solve for.


We gain alignment by working collaboratively with your team and relevant specialists. We come up with empathetic solutions and build an MVP which we can get feedback on.


We reduce risk by testing our ideas and prototypes with real customers and users. We make changes based on feedback. In this way, we fail fast and we learn fast.

What could our collaboration look like?

Today’s environment is challenging and the demand for businesses to swiftly and frequently adapt the way they operate puts them under impossible pressure. With years of processes, old habits and cultural baggage, it’s not easy to be agile. By breaking silos,  bringing the power of different perspectives and harnessing client productivity, we work iteratively together for quicker results.

We are using the BXT methodology, which stands for Business, Experience and Technology. It represents the three ingredients necessary for solving the business challenges of today.

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Customer experience impacts every aspect of your business, whether you are operating in B2B or B2C. However, the approaches to building a successful customer experience are different.

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We work in partnership with our clients, giving support however it’s needed. We can customise an approach that works best for you and we will advise on the best use of your budget… even if that means not spending it with us! The following are initial ideas of what our collaboration could look like:

Introducing the Hub (1-2 hours)

Come and visit the PwC Hub, meet the team, understand the approaches we use, our processes and our ability to innovate.

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Sandbox (0.5 - 1 Day)

Learn to “Think differently”, explore new areas and create with a team of people dedicated to finding “ways-in” through alternative methods.


Usability Testing & Analysis (1 day)

Usability Testing involves assessing how well a product meets the expectations of a user and how easily tasks are completed through its design.

A product can be anything: a concept for a product, a prototype, a website or an application. The testing is done by conducting research with real people who would actually interact with your product. Users are observed and their interactions are tracked to identify usability, consistency and flow issues. We then analyse the results (the evidence) and make actionable recommendations.


The Protothon (2 days)

Generate, iterate and prioritise ideas with your team and specialists to focus on pain points, identify areas of disruption and emerge with an outcome. Prototype with our team to create more in 2 days, than you usually would in 2 months.

Service Design & Strategy (5 Days)

This is a mix of business strategy, innovation and behavioral science through design thinking for any organisation. Explore service solutions through research, design and prototyping. Test ideas with real customers. Understand the customer journey, the touchpoints involved and create moments that matter.

Case studies

Retail Bank: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

PwC was engaged by a leading local retail bank to assist with a transformation programme. This project focused on four pillars: Customer, Business, Operations, and Technology. The BPR exercise involved the radical redesign and modernisation of the core customer onboarding business processes with the purpose of achieving improvements in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness at all levels across the organisation.

Government: Digital Transformation Hub

PwC was engaged by the government to assess internal capability to carry out Business Process Reengineering, to develop relevant training content for the government to support BPR's and finally to create recommendations in setting up a digital transformation hub.  Design thinking workshops were carried out, to uncover pain points relating to digital transformation, uncovering the ‘as is’ process and the ‘to be’, in terms of the future state that wanted to be achieved. In doing this PwC were able to identify the services/support/skills/technology, which was required to achieve the future state. 

Telecommunications operator: improving internal communication

PwC was engaged by a major telecommunications operator to help teams improve their internal communication processes with the aim of  providing a more streamlined service to clients.Through collaborative workshops, teams explored their different stakeholders, mapped out challenges with the way work was carried out as encountered by different teams, and determined solutions collaboratively.

What did others say about this?

“Very well organized. Very interactive, clear communication. Good time management.”

“Interesting and very hands on. Helped us think of new ways to solve everyday problems.”

"These interactive sessions are more productive than sitting down in a boardroom."

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