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Malta Annual Review 2019

We are aware that our operations have an impact on the environment, and we constantly undertake  to minimise this impact. The firm's 'Green Committee' meets at least on a quarterly basis to consider scope for improvements that are primarily driven by monitoring key environmental performance indicators.  In addition, our Sustainability Advisory Services team supports our clients in addressing environmental and social challenges by raising awareness, and improving the understanding of related issues.

What we've done

Energy saving solutions

The need for increased office space continues, which results in higher consumption of resources. We mitigate the impact through energy saving solutions implemented on floors across the firm, including flexibility in controlling air conditioning units to achieve better climate control. Most of the premises has been installed with energy saving lights together with motion sensors that turn off lights when floors and rooms are not in use; sensors also control electricity intensity depending on the availability of external light; and the use of collected rainwater to supply all our restrooms, amongst other measures. As reported last year, a decision was taken to install over 300 new PV panels on the property where we operate, to further reduce electricity consumption. We expect to complete this project during the first quarter of 2019.

Polystyrene and plastic reduction

Over the course of 2017/18 PwC’s Green Committee introduced various environmentally friendly measures across the firm, and all its lines of service. These included initiatives to reduce the consumption of polystyrene and plastic cups, with the aim of substantially neutralising their use by the end of next year.

Recycling mechanisms

The Committee further concentrated its efforts on improved recycling mechanisms, through ongoing communication and education, and the introduction of special purpose bins in several areas. Over the coming year, the Committee plans to further increase staff awareness on the importance of recycling, and will encourage this through the removal of general purpose desk bins.

The firm also collects plastic bottle caps participating in a scheme led by the Greenpak Co-operative. Funds generated by the scheme through recycling of such caps will be donated to L-Istrina.


Printing reduction

One of the main sources of waste is paper, which is shredded for recycling. The Committee continuously engaged in measures to reduce paper waste and printing, and is proud to report that printing for 2017/18 decreased as compared to the equivalent period last year, notwithstanding business growth. This reduction was achieved through a combination of technological solutions, such as increased supply of screens and tablets, as well as increased staff awareness and commitment.

Environmental matters remain at the forefront of the firm’s CSR strategy. The Green Committee is committed to continuously seek innovative ways to reduce its effect on the environment.






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