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Our team of experts can help you reduce the risk of fraud that might potentially be happening within your organisation and thereby protecting your business from financial and reputational damage. 

Our services cover the following areas:

Fraud risk assessments

Our team will help you plan for the unplanned and protect the value of your business. Proactively taking action before a crisis will reduce the impact on your operations, reputation, people and bottom line. We can assist you in identifying opportunities, accountabilities and relationships that may open vulnerabilities to risks, especially fraud risks, and conflicts of interest.

Drafting and tailoring of anti-fraud policy and procedures

Our team can help you draft and tailor anti-fraud policy and procedures to mitigate potential non-compliance which may result in regulatory and reputational risks. The policy shall include clauses and provisions on anti-bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, market abuse and insider trading, third party risk management etc.


Our forensic investigation shall cover forensic procedures which include high level process review, forensic data analytics, document review, interviews (e.g persons of interests, whistleblowers, witnesses, etc), and report writing.

Using technology and analytics, we can help you uncover financial & economic crime, manage crisis situations and emerge stronger. Our technology team and our forensics specialists work together to help you detect and investigate fraud.


The European Union Directive 2019/1937 was transposed into Protection of the Whistleblower Act in Malta at the end of 2021. An effective whistleblowing system is not only about the creation of a mailbox or hotline. It involves the implementation of safe and effective reporting channels, protection of whistleblowers from retaliation, compliance with strict deadlines in communicating with whistleblowers and resolving of incidents amongst other things.

Whistleblower advisory services

PwC can help you update and/or develop your whistleblowing policy/procedures, update and/or design the procedures for handling whistleblower reports to make them in line with the regulatory requirements and more importantly as understandable as possible.

Whistleblowing Managed Services

PwC can help you set up a digital whistleblowing system. Through our managed services, you will have a dedicated team of experts that can assist you with handling cases / alerts and accompany you during the entire investigation process. 

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