The risk of non-compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”), Counter Financing Terrorism (“CFT”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) requirements continues to increase, and as evidenced by a number of high profile fines and investigations in recent years, firms are increasingly under pressure to identify new methods and means to manage their AML/CFT risks more effectively.

Core AML/CFT services PwC can help you with

  • AML/CFT Business Risk Assessment
  • AML/CFT Framework
  • Tailored Training and Upskilling
  • Independent AML/CFT Audits
  • Remediation Projects

Whilst businesses are still updating their operations, systems and procedures, they also need to manage further change that is already lying on the horizon. Operating in such an environment presents numerous challenges and it is not uncommon that something slips through the net.

Growing pressure from Regulators to comply with AML/CFT rules and intense press coverage of scandals have pushed this topic to the top of the Management’s agenda. The reputational threat, as well as, significant fines being levied make it crucial to set up and maintain cost-efficient AML/CFT compliance measures and solutions.

How can PwC help?

The PwC Compliance team brings together a collection of subject matter experts with a wealth of experience in one powerhouse. 

With a vast collective experience in specialized compliance related fields, qualifications and credentials and industry knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best possible service.

We understand the pressures brought about by increased compliance costs. As such, our aim is to provide, not only a solution that meets local regulatory requirements, but also strive to put forward doable and practical solutions.

We can help protect your organization from the current and emerging risks in the compliance sphere in a number of ways and areas, such as:

  • Designing / reviewing your internal AML/CFT framework
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Transaction and sanction monitoring
  • Tailored AML/CFT training differentiating between staff, MLRO and Directors
  • AML health checks
  • Facilitation / review of Business Risk Assessment (BRA)
  • The compilation or review of the Risk Evaluation Questionnaire (REQ)
  • The creation or review of your AML/CFT policies and procedures
  • Customer Risk Assessment (CRA)
  • KYC outsourcing
  • Independent AML/CFT Audits

Customer Onboarding and Monitoring

The world of AML/CFT compliance is changing rapidly and with good reason.  With increased scrutiny of supervisory authorities and a notable emphasis on enforcing regulations, remaining compliant is a challenging task, and one that requires investment and continuous training.

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