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Regulatory & Financial Crime Consulting

Keep up with the pace of Regulatory & Financial Crime developments and avoid exposure to competitive and reputational risks.

At PwC, we can assist you in meeting your regulatory requirements by breaking down silos and developing proactive and holistic compliance frameworks. 

Our Regulatory Team working with our securities and markets, financial / credit institutions, insurance, gaming and fintech specialists will support you in building a more holistic, effective and sustainable compliance model.

Regulatory Compliance

Managing regulatory requirements is no doubt of major concern to all regulated and large scale businesses, as the risks of non compliance are hugely significant. Top management should ensure the compliance function and its infrastructure are central to governance and aligned with business objectives and risk management strategies — adding real value (and not just costs). 

Besides the specialist support set out below, at PwC, we can help with the challenge of keeping up to date with regulatory developments in various ways, including via:

PwC Malta’s Regulatory Updates

Welcome to PwC Malta’s Regulatory Updates - giving a month by month recap of the main legislative updates and key regulator activity relating to various areas, including asset management, banking, financial markets, insurance and pensions, anti-money laundering, amongst others.

Regulatory Updates

Regulatory updates

Our specialists involved in the asset management, credit/ financial institution, insurance, fintech and gaming sectors, are ready to support you throughout the relevant licensing process to be undertaken in Malta as well as deal with ongoing regulatory obligations and issues. Thus freeing up management time to focus on strategic and business issues.

Learn more about Licensing and regulatory support

Privacy and data protection have increasingly become essential tools to regulate the way businesses collect and manage their large amounts of client data and employee data.

Learn more about Privacy & Data Protection

The Conduct of Business Rulebook issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), sets out a number of prudential requirements setting out the conduct of business obligations that should be adhered by specific regulated entities.

Learn more about Conduct of Business

Financial Crime

Financial Crime is an increasing concern for all financial institutions, from the largest global organisations to the smallest domestic companies, partnerships and sole practitioners. As technology continues to develop, the ways and means criminals operate is constantly being improved to benefit from their criminal activities without detection.

Fianancial Crime News 

The BRA lies at the heart of the risk-based approach underpinning current AML/CFT regulatory frameworks and is a regulatory obligation that has been drawing increased scrutiny by supervisory authorities.

Financial Crime

The regulatory landscape, particularly with regards to AML/CFT, is evolving at a very rapid pace.

Learn more about AML/CFT

Sanctions place restrictive measures affecting the countries concerned and often target specific individuals (designated persons), companies and organisations which are identified as being involved with activities triggering such sanctions. 

Learn more about Sanctions

In today’s world the importance of honest and transparent dealing has been on the forefront of companies’ agenda. Companies need to take steps to review their current procedures aimed at preventing bribery and corruption by identifying any gaps and limiting their exposure to such activities.

Learn more about Bribery Corruption

The fight against tax shortfalls and tax evasion is a priority as the world is now dealing with a new era of tax transparency.

Learn more about Tax Transparency

Market integrity must be preserved in order to avoid potential regulatory arbitrage, to ensure accountability in the event of attempted manipulation, and to provide more legal certainty and less regulatory complexity for market participants.

Learn more about Market Abuse and Insider Dealing

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our aim to play a key role in strengthening the profile, credentials and value of Internal Audit and in doing so, help organisations meet the demands of their dynamic marketplace and an expanding risk landscape.

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