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Solving complex accounting and financial reporting challenges in a rapidly changing environment

In the current climate of enhanced corporate governance requirements and increasing regulations, many entities are becoming increasingly cognisant of their obligations to meet financial reporting requirements in an independent manner. Reporting deadlines and timelines are becoming tighter. Simultaneously shareholders and stakeholders are demanding more quality and different financial information. Ensuring that the reporting entity meets these obligations in a timely manner and having the ability to oversee and control the related financial processes, both present a significant challenge in terms of resources and costs.

Whether you are looking to optimise your finance function, navigate the changing regulatory landscape, execute a deal, or address a complex accounting issue, our team of accounting advisors can quickly help identify practical and sustainable solutions to address your needs. 

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Are the following situations familiar?

  • Your company has carried out a significant transaction and you would like someone to review your assessment of accounting and financial reporting implications

  • You have a difficult technical accounting issue in respect of which you would like a second opinion

  • Your company effected an acquisition and you need to understand the impacts in terms of harmonising accounting policies, accounting for cost of acquisition and allocating purchase price to assets acquired

  • Your company has entered into a group reorganization and you need assistance in understanding the relevant accounting implication, including complex consolidation, business combination under common control, the application of Predecessor/Book-value Method of accounting

  • IFRSs do not provide guidance on a specific transaction (e.g. transactions under common control with no commercial substance) and you need assistance in developing an accounting policy to reflect the economic substance rather than the legal form of such transaction and to ensure the appropriate disclosures are made to users of financial statements 

  • You would like to keep yourself or your team up-to-date on developments in IFRSs and in GAPSME

  • You would like to assess the impact of new or revised standards and pronouncements, or a change in accounting policy on the company’s financial information

  • You need assistance in drafting your manual of accounting for specific accounting standard, including formal documentation for hedge accounting purpose
  • You require an independent advisor or service provider in respect of accounting advice and support
  • You have a small finance function and would require support from financial accounting and reporting specialists
  • You are transitioning to IFRS accounting framework from other accounting frameworks, including GAPSME
  • You want to upskill your finance teams on specific areas of IFRSs or GAPSME

PwC's Accounting Advisory Services

For all entities that require high quality accounting advice, PwC has the breadth and depth of knowledge and technical expertise to help. As the leading local and international accounting firm, PwC offers comprehensive experience in all areas of accounting and financial reporting. PwC has an Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) specialised team led by IFRS specialists who have been providing IFRS advice and technical guidance to entities in Malta, comprising both audit and non-audit clients, for a significant number of years. These specialists have followed IFRS developments throughout the years and led the firm’s initiatives in supporting clients in this respect. As a global firm, our IFRS specialists has access to all the necessary resources, materials and guidance, including interpretations of accounting standards from the global network. PwC has been heavily involved in the development of GAPSME in Malta.

PwC experts, advise and support in the preparation of reporting under IFRSs and GAPSME, building on cooperation with specialists across a significant number of industries and deploying tried-and-tested PwC tools. These resources prepare statutory and other financial information, provide expert analysis on specific issues and are available to respond to individual needs.

As a firm we strive to provide value-for-money services and solutions which are flexible and tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of the particular entity, whether on-site or off-site, project-based or ongoing.

Our Services

Financial Accounting

  • Setting up of a chart of accounts
  • Assistance with the selection of appropriate accounting policies
  • Design of accounting procedures and processes
  • Accounting advice on complex areas or subject matters, including reviews and interpretations of contracts/agreements to address accounting implications issues (e.g. acquisition and mergers, call/put options, derivative financial instruments, hedge accounting, revenue recognition, share based payments, leases, cloud accounting, etc.) 
  • Accounting advice on restructuring, reorganization or complex consolidation, including the predecessor/book-value method of accounting
  • Guidance on the accounting impacts of a specific transaction, structure or significant event, in conjunction with the firm’s Tax and Legal specialists
  • Developing accounting policies based on economic substance for specific transaction which are not within the scope of IFRSs
  • Advice on the introduction of new or revised standards and pronouncements, or changes in accounting policies, and the impact these will have on the entity
  • Conversion/transition to IFRSs from other accounting frameworks, including GAPSME

External and internal financial reporting

  • Advice on presentation and disclosure requirements under both IFRSs and GAPSME
  • Advice on, and assistance with, issuance of financial information and management accounts, including preparation of periodical reports and complex consolidation reporting
  • Analysis of financial information produced by the entity
  • Preparation, or assistance with the compilation, of statutory financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRSs or GAPSME
  • Performing consolidations under IFRSs and the preparation of related consolidation schedules
  • Preparation of group accounting manual, including formal documentation for hedge accounting and chart of accounts for subsidiaries in the context of the consolidation process
  • Preparation of group consolidation instructions for subsidiaries and head office
  • Providing tools for preparation of financial information (e.g. forecasts, cash-flow projections, cash-flow statements and interim reporting) in conjunction with the firm’s Financial Advisory specialists
  • Connection and liaison with auditors in the context of financial reporting matters

Training events teaming up with PwC's Academy

  • Providing basic and advanced in-house training courses tailored for individual needs
  • Accounting and financial reporting developments seminars and workshop, possibly addressing specific subject matters

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