HR Pulse Survey 2022

Revitalising HR – Leveraging Employer Branding

The Malta HR Pulse Survey is a joint annual exercise carried out by PwC Malta and the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD). Every year, the survey looks to identify the key HR challenges being faced by local organisations and to gain insight on the priorities for people management going forward. 

This year’s eighth edition of the Survey is focused specifically on understanding the thoughts and views of Malta’s business organisations on the topics of Employer Branding and innovative HR practices, as well as the key priorities and challenges of the HR function.

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It is now well established that a top concern for organisations is the availability of talent. Workforce shortages are being experienced globally, and this reality, coupled with an enhanced focus on employee wellbeing and the employee experience has more than ever highlighted the critical importance of Employer Branding. Employer Branding refers to the practice of differentiating one’s organisation by showcasing the values, qualities and ways of working that are distinctive and promises a particular kind of employee experience. This often involves connecting the organisation’s values, people strategy and brand to be seen as an employer of choice. In today’s world of work, Employer Branding and a winning Employee Value Proposition cannot be seen as a ‘nice to have’ due to its direct role in reducing employee turnover, building credibility, and alleviating the effects of a talent shortage. 

Moreover, the very nature of work is changing and employees expect their organisations to keep up. A turbulent world of work and new demands further underline the requirement of HR functions to support their organisations in delivering its corporate strategy by adequately recruiting, training, retaining and managing the performance of people in the organisation effectively. This may be achieved through innovative HR practices which enable organisations to transform, leverage opportunities and face different challenges. 

The results of the survey, outlined in this report, shed light on the current trends in the local work environment, and identify the potential future direction that organisations are likely to take based on an analysis of current HR function observations. 

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