With the ongoing development of the current technologies worldwide, the manufacturing sector is benefiting from enhanced methods of production, which also bring about new challenges.

The businesses operating in the local industry are adopting technology, that is deployed in much larger setups, and which is also bringing about the need for larger investment in support and specialised resources.

The evolution of methods of production brings about a higher demand on key management to continuously assess the way local and foreign competitors are streamlining and thus the need for specialist support to take stock of current methods and re-invent processes to remain competitive and profitable.

We assist a number of entities in the manufacturing sector with finding opportunities to operate profitably despite the demographics faced when manufacturing takes place in the local market.   Besides re-engineering processes, businesses at the forefront are looking into data analytics that enables production and finance teams to understand relationships between various monetary inputs and outputs and which will identify areas that can be further streamlined.  Other important areas that Boards of Directors and stakeholders are looking into cover governance and internal control frameworks.


How can PwC help

In order to meet the challenges created by the constantly changing market, companies always rely on experienced service providers in this industry.

At PwC, a team of professionals in our advisory, accounting, auditing and tax departments will assist your business to meet its objectives and to develop solutions to counter the specific challenges within your industry and to cover other areas such as data analytics, internal audit and governance.

Additionally, we reach out to our global network of experienced professionals in the manufacturing sector for your business to benefit from a network of experts both at a local and international level. 

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