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Today’s innovative organisations are seeking to unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures. At the same time, regulators request greater transparency through fair value reporting.

We can help you determine the value of your business and meet your valuation requirements.

PwC offers an integrated approach to helping you measure, analyse and report on a broad range of valuation issues, by bringing together professionals with extensive valuation, technical accounting, corporate finance, tax, and deal strategy expertise.

Independent Value Assessment

All business decisions impact value, but do you know by how much? Applying a value lens to your most important business decisions brings stakeholder value impacts into clearer focus to help.

When the link between a management decision and the potential value impact must be clearly illuminated, PwC’s valuation practice can help. 

  • You need to value the different business units of your company in the context of a disposal;
  • You need to value standalone subsidiaries in view of a potential transaction; and
  • You need to open up the share capital of your company and determine the entry price or capital injection requirements.

Our professionals are trained in corporate finance and valuation theory. We leverage practical experience advising clients on finance and valuation to assist you to:

  • Frame relevant value questions;

  • Quantify answers to those questions; and

  • Craft communication strategies to address different stakeholders, such as senior management, board members, investors and lenders.

  • We are a trusted independent financial adviser in the local and regional market and provide an objective view of value impacts of management decisions; and
  • Our Valuation team has a combined valuation experience of over 50 years, accumulated over a variety of engagements, sectors, complexities and territories.

Our integrated approach

We can help you:

  • Unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures;
  • Assess objectively deal value of new acquisitions and investments; 
  • Minimise value leakage;
  • Adhering to fair value reporting for regulators;
  • Understand the importance of IFRS9 compliance and impairment testing.

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Managing Deal Value

A majority of deals do not create value for buyers. "Buy low, sell high" is often clouded by a lack of focus on the gap between price and value. Dealmakers will freely acknowledge that bias and conflicts of interest play a role, but many other factors lead to value leakage during a deal process.

  • You need to analyse the value of acquisitions and new investments;
  • You want to understand the source and validity of synergies arising from your transaction; and
  • You need to value separate entities which are considering an amalgamation.

  • Our team can assist you to determine the value of a potential acquisition target or investment;  
  • Our team also provides an objective view of the reasonableness of potential synergies.

  • Our Valuation team has gained a wide-ranging experience across a number of industries and have supported a number of local and regional corporates in preparing valuations for the purpose of a bidding process;
  • Our team has also worked extensively on numerous deals to negociate and dispute transaction values during negotiations;
  • We have provided valuation services to the leading listed conglomerates on the island on various engagements spanning financial reporting, capital market transactions, acquisitions, disposals, and amalgamations; and 
  • We have valued a multitude of businesses operating in diverse sectors ranging from financial services (banking, insurance, investment holdings), manufacturing, telco, gaming, EPC, real estate, education, hospitality, aviation and FMCG to name a few.

Financial Reporting Valuation

Delivering regulatory valuations that investors and regulators can trust, demands capabilities beyond finance. 

Equally important is a thorough knowledge of relevant accounting and tax regulations, and an understanding of sector issues driving operating performance. 

  • You need to undertake a purchase price allocation for a recent acquisition or a pre-deal assessment of the impact on earnings of a potential deal;
  • You need a valuation of shares to account for share-based payments;
  • You need to value financial assets (e.g. unquoted investments) and financial liabilities; and
  • You need advice on the impairment testing of goodwill or other assets.

  • We can provide a fully integrated service to fair value all assets and liabilities on the balance sheet in the context of business combinations, including both intangible and tangible assets; 
  • Our valuation specialists are sector-focused, and have a deep understanding of the relevant reporting and regulatory requirements, so we can manage the whole process, ensuring valuations are robust and meet the requirements of your auditors;
  • An alternative option is for us to advise your team on how to undertake the purchase price allocation process to review and comment on their output, thereby maximising knowledge transfer to you; and
  • In addition, we can also provide support relating to the subsequent impairment test of any resulting goodwill and other assets.

  • Our advisory team combines valuation know-how, industry knowledge, accounting skills and tax experience; and 
  • Our team is made up of ACCA, CFA Charter holders, tax practitioners and together, we are able to provide a fully integrated service for you.


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