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For your VAT, customs, excise and environmental tax needs

Navigating the complexities and the challenges of international trade has never been easy, but companies must now contend with a wide assortment of import and export regulations and tax rules. While being in-line with all the procedures keeps your business compliant with the applicable law requirements, it demands an eye for detail and involves a number of time-consuming practices. We can help you with your VAT, customs, excise, environmental tax needs and to keep-up-with all indirect tax developments.

Our experienced team will perform an in-depth analysis and input ongoing hands-on assistance while offering the necessary suggestions for your business to improve in functionality.

How can we help?

  • Assisting with periodic VAT compliance obligations and intrastat declarations for your business
  • Highlight VAT compliance gaps and apply the necessary recommendations to identify key areas of focus in terms of increasing efficiency and/or reducing costs
  • Highlight VAT cost saving opportunities and other risk management issues

  • Undertaking VAT Healthchecks

  • Suggest recommendations and set up a VAT control framework as required

  • Assist in tax authority correspondence and audit procedures

  • Provide the necessary guidance and training to ensure that the required VAT treatment is applied as necessary

  • Carry out an in-depth analysis and organise your VAT strategy as required


Are your instalment sales exposing you to VAT risks?

In the recent ECJ ruling concerning the case* of Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd a number of VAT considerations were brought to light. 

*Case C-153/17

This self-assessment will help you assess whether your business is exposed to any of these VAT risk. Should you wish to explore the implication of this case on your business model in more detail then we kindly ask you to include your details at the end of the self-assessment - this step is not obligatory and you are not required to provide such details to complete the self-assessment.

Take the self-assessment


The accountant

VAT Grouping in Malta

With the publication of the Maltese Value Added Tax (Registration as a Single Taxable Person) Regulations effective from 1 June 2018, two or more persons may choose to be registered as a single taxable person for Maltese VAT purposes (“VAT Grouping”). Fast forward some months and it is understood that numerous applications have been processed and accepted by the Commissioner for Revenue which has enabled several businesses to reap the benefits of these Regulations.


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PwC Financial institutions | Anna Herrera and Cliff

Financial Institutions should remain up to date with new landmark cases and have impact assessments.

Technology in Tax | Mirko Gulic and Johnny Wickham

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Technology in Tax | Miko Gulic and Johnny Wickham

Technology interacts with VAT and Tax to address issues with gap areas and reduce any errors.

PwC Financial institutions | Anna Herrera and Cliff Mensforth


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