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28 April 2020 communication

Recordings of our COVID-19 Webcast Series

Over the past month, a team of over 30 PwC Malta professionals across all service lines have facilitated our COVID-19 Webcast series to support the business community on the potential impact of the current economic situation. Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined these sessions.

The recordings of our webinars are now available on our website. Discover what was discussed during all 7 sessions as our experts provide insight and guidance to businesses searching for ways to deal with these new operational circumstances generated by COVID-19.

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15 April 2020 communication

Launching Webcasts #6 Accounting implications of COVID-19 and #7 Budget Measures Implementation Act, 2020

#6 Webcast Series - Accounting implications of COVID-19

We've all seen COVID-19 in statistics and numbers, but what impact does the COVID-19 outbreak have on a reporting entity's numbers? Assessing the going concern assumption, whether COVID-19 is an adjusting or a non-adjusting event after the reporting period, and identifying the potential impacts on an entity's financial records are highly judgemental areas. 

Our #6 webcast focused on Accounting implications of COVID-19 and was  held on Tuesday 21 April at 3pm


#7 Webcast Series - Budget Measures Implementation Act, 2020

On 20 March 2020 several measures announced previously in the Malta Budget 2020 speech were enacted through the Budget Measures Implementation Act, 2020 ("Budget Act").

Our #7 webcast, focused on tax changes being contemplated in the Budget Act and was held on Friday 24th April at 3pm.

8 April 2020 communication

Launching Webcasts #4 Grants & Schemes and #5 Cybersecurity

#4 Webcast Series - Grants & Schemes

In view of the present situation, where businesses are having to re-think their business strategy or implement actions especially by offering their products or services through an e-commerce facility, or diversifying their activities to mitigate against the repercussions due to COVID-19, we will be organising a webinar to explain the schemes available both in terms of EU Grants for SMEs and Malta Enterprise Schemes to aid enterprises at this time of need. We will also be discussing a few schemes related to training both for companies and for individuals in light of the downtime that different entities may currently be facing. The recent launch of the  COVID-19 Guarantee Scheme (CGS) administered by the Malta Development Bank will also be covered in this session. 

Our #4 webcast on Grants and Schemes was held on Tuesday 14th April at 2pm


#5 Webcast Series - Cybersecurity

The COVID-19 outbreak has rapidly changed the way many employees work and the way businesses operate - increasing online. Without appropriate considerations, this could fundamentally increase the risk of cybersecurity attacks. We are seeing both the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks increasing and cybersecurity good practices may fall by the wayside as organisations become more technology dependent than ever. We are also beginning to see the nature of the threat changing, as attackers exploit uncertainty, unprecedented situations, and rapid IT and organisational change.

Our #5 webcast addressed The impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity and was held on Thursday 16 April at 2.30pm

2 April 2020 communication

COVID-19 Webcast Series

As the COVID-19 global response evolves, businesses are experiencing significant operational, financial and liquidity challenges. Managing cash pressures to ride out the crisis is the number one concern our clients raised.

Our #3 webcast focused on Managing cash pressures and was held on Friday 3 April at 2pm.


23 March 2020 communication

COVID-19 Webcast Series

We are pleased to announce the first two sessions of our live webcast series in response to COVID-19 Employment and other workforce considerations in the current business environment on Thursday 26 March at 4pm; and Tax measures and other incentives introduced by Government on Friday 27 March at 1pm.

Our experts shall be discussing some of the key issues and considerations relating to these topics as well as giving our audience the possibility of asking related questions. Please register by sharing name, surname and email address and sending these to join one of these free webinars or both.


PwC Network COVID-19 Webcasts

The PwC network held a series of webcasts on COVID-19 and its impact on businesses. The last webcast happened on Thursday 19th March @ 2pm (GMT+1), where experts discussed the key issues we are all working through and the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 on business continuity.


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