Embracing the power of AI and cloud technologies in the digital era

AI is increasingly dominating the cloud landscape, with 70% of environments now incorporating cloud-based managed AI services. In this regard, platforms are witnessing significant growth in cloud AI service instances. To embark on a successful AI journey, organisations must align their cloud, data, and AI strategies, embrace experimentation and collaboration with vendors and partners, and move towards production and scale while embracing change and being unafraid of failure.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the future of AI and invite you to participate in a survey to shape Malta's AI landscape.

Cloud-powered transformation: unlocking measurable value

According to a PwC Research study, 66% of organisations plan to increase their cloud budget this year, underscoring the growing recognition of cloud technologies as a driver of success. Companies that have embraced cloud-powered transformation have witnessed a multitude of benefits, including improved decision-making processes, increased productivity and agility, enhanced cyber posture and resilience, cost savings, improved profitability, and enhanced customer experiences. However, barriers such as budget constraints, talent gaps, and the lack of effective measurement and leadership hinder organisations from achieving measurable value from cloud technologies.

Addressing skills gaps and focusing on company needs

To enable the successful delivery of cloud transformation initiatives, organisations are actively seeking to address skills gaps. This includes hiring or contracting individuals with the necessary expertise, upskilling their existing workforce, or leveraging outsourced/managed services to acquire the required skills and capabilities. A company’s focus areas for cloud transformation should encompass industry-specific technology solutions, generating new revenue from data, addressing the lack of cloud and data skills, and overcoming challenges related to AI innovation.

The shifting landscape: AI and emerging technologies

Cloud trends are rapidly evolving towards personalised user experiences, with AI emerging as the preferred choice for clients embarking on their cloud transformation journey. Additionally, other emerging technologies such as virtual reality, quantum computing, Internet of Things, advanced robotics, blockchain, and augmented reality are gaining traction. CEOs are prioritising the integration of AI into their operations, with 53% expecting it to improve their efficiency, and 42% already adopting AI across their companies.

Embracing the future: staying competitive in the digital era

Embracing the benefits of cloud and AI technologies is crucial for organisations to stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. It is essential to foster adaptability, openness to collaboration, and a mindset of constant change to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. By participating in the survey mentioned in the report, readers can actively contribute to shaping the future of AI adoption and ensure that their organisations remain at the forefront of innovation and transformation.

Join us on this journey

If you would like to help in shaping Malta’s AI landscape, PwC’s AI Business Survey is still open. Your insights into various AI-related considerations and topics could influence business decision-makers and lawmakers. Click on the button below to participate in the survey.

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