Other Measures


  • The equity sharing scheme will be continued for up to 50% of the value of a residence and will be extended to persons who are at least 30 years old.

  • Current programmes aimed at helping low income earners become homeowners will be extended further.

  • Government has reached an agreement with the Archdiocese of Malta to establish a Foundation for Affordable Accommodation aimed at assisting those persons who do not qualify for social housing but who do not necessarily afford a home.

  • Additional subsidies will be allowed for structural works carried out on properties that were rented out before 1 June 1995 and that are worth not more than €250,000.

  • The Housing Authority is offering an alternative to insurance policies for persons who cannot obtain insurance coverage due to existing medical conditions and thus are unable to buy their own home.

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Employment matters

  • Measures will be taken to further ensure pay parity between public sector workers and private sector workers working for contractors servicing the public sector. 

  • The provision of free childcare will be extended to parents working shifts, evenings or weekends.

  • Government undertakes to continue discussions with all relevant stakeholders to enable an increase to the statutory minimum wage, balanced by an appropriate reduction to businesses’ income tax rates.

  • Government will conduct a census to better understand the skill set of the local working population and will establish a training fund for industry to train and upskill its workforce through programmes developed by industry.

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Digital transformation 

  • Identity Malta will continue promoting a digital strategy, including strengthening the e-ID platform. Malta Enterprise and the Malta Residency Agency are working to establish a programme for non-EU nationals to live and work in Malta.

  • An online portal will be launched providing template employment contracts containing all minimum standards and requirements established by law to ensure that workers’ rights are protected.

  • The Searches Unit at the Public Registry is developing a new electronic system enabling notaries to digitally submit registration notes using qualified electronic signatures.

Sports, Education and the Arts

  • Further investment is anticipated in a number of sports complexes, including the outdoor Velodrome incorporated within the Ta’ Qali project. 

  • Stipends will be increased by 10% and students will be allowed to work for up to 25 hours per week without forfeiting their stipend.

  • The development of the first soundstage in Malta, as part of the masterplan for the Malta Film Studios, should commence in 2022. 

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Business growth and recovery

  • Rental costs for warehousing will be subsidised to lessen the impact of increasing international transportation costs.

  • Following the phasing out of the COVID wage supplement scheme, a new set of incentives will be introduced as part of the recovery phase and to continue supporting businesses.

  • Introduction of various incentives and programmes to attract start ups to Malta.

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