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We are pleased to present the second edition of the HR Pulse Malta Survey. In this edition we gathered information from CEOs and Managing Directors, besides HR leaders, within various industries across the island, to get their views on the people challenges they face.


Are you a HR leader or CEO in Malta? Take the opportunity to express your views on the local topical HR issues and trends. We are very pleased to be holding the third edition of HR Pulse Survey in collaboration with the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD).

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Welcome to the PwC Malta's HR Pulse Survey. The Survey looks at various aspects of HR from Employment Law to Employee Engagement focusing on some key areas of importance within the HR sphere today. The Survey revealed various interesting points.

The great majority of organisations participating in this Survey reported having an HR Function in place, including a substantial representation in top management. There seems to be a balance between the people and corporation focus while organisations appear to be taking more interest in employee engagement given that they are taking initiatives to get the views of their people in this respect. On the other one notices that performance management processes have not caught up with international developments while very little time is being invested in employee development. The Survey also revealed that technology in HR is not being maximised, including analytics.

Obtaining the buy in from top management to give HR the time and importance it deserves, and to see the value it can bring to the business is constantly an obstacle HR professionals are striving to overcome. These issues have remained similar to the previous Pulse Survey, emphasising the persistence of these concerns and hence their need to be tackled. On the other hand, the top priority on everyone’s mind seems to be motivating and retaining their staff, with many organisations reporting problems of high turnover.


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