Mergers and acquisitions in Colombia

Edition 2019


• How do you know that a merger or acquisition process was successful?

• Do you want to stay relevant and competitive in the market?

• Do you know what you should take into account in the mergers and acquisitions processes in Colombia?

Answer these questions and many more through the publication of “Mergers and Acquisitions in Colombia” where five of our experts will expose the key points they have discovered through their long history in the various fields of M&A processes.


Before starting any mergers and acquisitions process, you must define the strategy that motivates you to carry it out and will help you measure success at the end of the process.

Understanding the regulatory frameworks is essential, discover the key considerations and points, within the Colombian scenario for the legal, tax and labor regulations.

Due diligence is a tool that cannot be lacking in mergers and acquisitions processes, with this publication you can discover some very useful types that exist, their scope and limitations.

The time has come to complete the merger or acquisition, during this chapter you will know all the documents you need to formalize this process according to Colombian regulations.

Once you have completed the entire merger or acquisition process, you must assess whether your objectives and motivations that led you to carry out this process have been achieved.



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