Thailand is one of the world’s most lucrative investment destinations, but companies here face a host of challenges including possible fraud, corruption, disputes and regulatory harassment. If not properly managed, these risks can cause immense financial and reputational harm both here and abroad.


PwC Thailand’s Forensics team of local and foreign experts is here to help. We offer fraud investigation services, FCPA compliance review and due diligence, corporate investigations, dispute analysis, insurance claims support, licensing management and contract compliance. What sets PwC Thailand apart is our in-country presence with a fully-serviced Bangkok office. We have a state-of-the-art computer lab, a team of forensic accountants and technology specialists; and investigators experienced in fraud detection and global intelligence. Our multilingual team can operate in English, Thai and Japanese. PwC Thailand also has unparalleled experience with local laws and norms, and unequalled access to Thai governmental and non-governmental agencies and courts.

Investigations Consultancy of the Year 2019

We’re proud to have been announced as Investigations Consultancy of the Year by the Global Investigations Review, being recognised for the role we've played in a series of high-profile investigations.

The risk of fraud is rising. What you can do to stop it

Fraud is often most virulent during downturns and crises, when pressures on people, companies and the economy are the greatest – pressures that motivate fraudsters to act. Although there may be no immediately obvious symptoms, you should be alert to fraud when there are big, sudden changes in the business environment caused by internal or external factors. When the risk rises, it’s time to perform an initial assessment and stop the bleeding. It’s time to revisit the process of assessing potentially fraudulent activities, identifying and evaluating fraudulent transactions. It not only allows proper operations but can result in considerable cost-saving.

Fraud Health Check

Fraud Health Check is a quick and cost-effective assessment of a company’s readiness to effectively combat fraud. When assessment is complete, the company will be able to decide on the actions needed to mitigate fraud risks effectively and efficiently, and implement proactive measures which will eventually prevent fraud from occurring.

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Conflict of Interest (CoI) assessment

A Conflict of Interest (CoI) assessment is designed to help an organisation extract insights to uncover hidden conflicts of interest that could potentially cause the company financial damage. Appropriate background due diligence can help reduce the risk of fraud in the tender, procurement, and payment processes.

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