Forensic technology solutions & cybercrime and breach response

Electronically-stored information is expanding faster than the ability of many organisations to manage it. Companies are also more vulnerable to cyber-attack than ever. Your systems and networks are, however, designed for normal business needs. They are not designed to respond to critical incidents such as procurement fraud, IP infringement, or cybercrime, all of which create an immediate need for that data to be preserved, analysed and produced.

These days, with nearly all business records stored in an electronic format and all computers connecting to the internet, investigation of white collar crimes and cyber threats requires expert forensic methodologies focused especially on handling electronic data and responding to cybercrime.

Why do you need us?

Misconduct in today’s workplace is committed predominantly with computers. Our forensic technology and cybercrime experts apply technology-based solutions (including document control, data preservation and recovery, data capture, data conversion and data analysis) to financial and non-financial data. They also extract and analyse data using various tools to support investigative and forensic accounting reviews on the technology front.

Our computer forensic and anti-cybercrime specialists in Bangkok are better positioned than in-house IT staff because during these investigations, independence is an important factor. But the defining factor is our prowess in securing and preserving electronic evidence as well as our analytical abilities. In the process, we use methodologies and highly sophisticated software tools which are compliant with major international law enforcement agencies and are accepted in the courts of law in most countries.

We also combine data analysis techniques and tools, joint business relationships with other leading providers and we have an understanding of the unusual environment created by investigative and dispute matters to help our clients make informed decisions.

What can we do?

We help clients respond to critical events and proactively minimise risks and costs through the following services:

  • cybercrime and data breach response
  • information risk management
  • eDiscovery and digital forensics
  • regulatory and accounting analytics
  • data recovery
  • continuous transaction monitoring systems for fraud detecting and business security, and
  • advanced data analysis and forensic data analytics.

The PwC difference

Our Bangkok office is equipped with a world class computer forensics lab with a skilled team experienced at the most complex cybercrime investigations. We combine data analysis techniques, sophisticated forensic technology tools, information management principles and our understanding of investigations, compliance, and risk management to help clients make well-informed decisions.

Our network is composed of certified fraud examiners, encase certified examiners, certified information systems security professionals, certified information systems auditors, certified anti-money laundering specialists, electronic records management masters, JDs, MBAs and certified public accountants. Using our dedicated forensic technology lab, we offer the latest technology to best serve our clients’ needs.

We utilise our in-depth understanding of forensic tools, extensive knowledge of RDBMS databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, amongst others), ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft), and data analytics and mining, in providing solutions to our client’s specific needs.

The team is also equipped with advanced data analytics capability. We are able to handle and analyse vast quantities of financial and other important data, typically stored by large corporations, in an efficient manner thus causing minimal disruption to your business.

Investigative Analytics

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Managing your data in a time of crisis

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