Forensic investigation

Serious fraud is a threat that affects about one-third of businesses operating in Thailand. PwC’s dedicated local team of in-country specialists gives us unparalleled ability to respond to fraud allegations and conduct multi-stream. Our professionals are experienced in multi-stream fraud investigations involving forensic accounting, IT-based research, interviews and discreet source enquiries. Years of on-the-ground experience allows clients to tap our extensive local knowledge of the many unique threats that organisations face in Thailand, including accounting fraud, corruption and bribery; purchase-related fraud, and payroll and expense fraud.

If your organisation has suffered asset misappropriation or if you suspect that fraud is taking place, PwC is here to help with:

  • processing, analysing and reviewing electronic data from hard drives, including deleted emails, documents and internet artefacts
  • quantifying and substantiating evidence obtained through measures such as whistleblowing programmes and fraud-detection systems
  • conducting fact-finding interviews, discreet investigations, source-based research and asset traces
  • coordinating with outside auditors, regulatory authorities and other parties, and identifying appropriate remedial action, and
  • identifying and quantifying accounting misstatements and assessing damage suffered by an organisation.

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