Insurance claims

Filing an insurance claim or negotiating an insurance policy can be time consuming and expensive and have long-term implications for a business in Thailand. PwC has Thailand’s best qualified team of specialists, many of whom previously worked directly for insurers specialising in preparing, presenting, and recovering large and complex insurance claims.

We assist clients in quantifying economic and physical damages resulting from perils such as floods, fires, explosions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and equipment breakdowns. We’re competent in both property damage and business interruption claims, specifically the claims process in Thailand. We’ve worked in many industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, consumer products, utilities, and real estate.

We understand laws, practises, and industries, and help clients recover losses in a time-effective manner and maintain strategic relationships with important business partners such as brokers, loss adjusters, and insurers. Clients are likely to maximise recovery and minimise the pain of insurance claim submissions, succeed in recovery, and receive assistance during disputes. We also assist clients with documenting and assembling information to prepare, present, and recover losses.

Our services include:

  • assisting with the overall claim strategy and damage mitigation
  • analysing insurers positions and developing strategies
  • helping clients understand the insurance claim process, the players, and the details needed to support a claim
  • performing underinsurance analyses and strategies for minimising underinsurance penalties
  • preparing interim funding requests, and
  • setting up accounting and bookkeeping procedures to capture and document costs.

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