Anti-corruption legislation is growing more stringent and the number of cases investigated or prosecuted continues to increase each year. For companies operating in Thailand, demands for bribes can be a major issue of concern, making prosecution under the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and local law enforcement potential business risks. Local information is key – especially in Thailand where corruption is common.

The US Government is actively enforcing the FCPA, and purchasers assume liability after an acquisition and are responsible for the actions of business partners, agents and distributors. Penalties under anti-corruption rules can include large fines and imprisonment, and offenders often suffer negative publicity and are forced to undergo costly restructuring.

PwC’s experienced team of in-country professionals in Bangkok can help manage corruption risk with solutions tailored to the Thai business environment. We also develop comprehensive corruption prevention and whistleblower programmes to reduce risk and prepare clients for the unexpected.

Our services include:

  • due diligence investigations of prospective partners, suppliers or vendors
  • risk assessments and business intelligence
  • implementing, assessing and strengthening compliance programmes, as well as supporting companies subject to regulatory investigations
  • advising on best practice for compliance structures, policies, procedures and controls, and up-to-date information on recent bribery schemes, and
  • conducting forensic audits to identify high-risk activities.

Tackling bribery and corruption

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