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Taking advantage Thailand’s many opportunities requires a strong understanding of your partners, customers and suppliers. corruption, political exposure, breach of contract and legal harassment can ruin otherwise lucrative deals and cost companies dearly – both financially and in terms of reputation.

PwC is unmatched in providing comprehensive global intelligence that uncovers hidden risks and reveals track records of companies and individuals in Thailand. Our local knowledge and experience with Thai institutions and legal norms give clients unparalleled access to information to equip them for the Thai business environment. Whether it is a complex pre-transaction due diligence or a basic litigation check, PwC is here to help.

PwC offers a full range of services to prepare companies for Thailand’s challenging business environment including:

  • corporate investigations
  • background checks
  • identifying concealed liabilities
  • litigation, criminal records and asset traces
  • local language media and public domain research
  • corporate records and company registration retrieval
  • market entry assessments
  • identifying political exposure or links to security services.

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