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Act now to recover

Maximise your options and together we can restructure for your recovery


Proactivity is the key to successful business recovery

A proactive approach to managing uncertainty will make a difference in your business. To successfully plan your path to recovery, you need to know what challenges are standing in your way. Sometimes it’s not as simple as acting on the issue you’re aware of; proactive measures are needed to mitigate current risks and to stay prepared for various eventualities in this uncertain business landscape. 

Business restructuring and recovery services aren’t just for organisations who have lost control and are faced with insolvency, they are a way to proactively take — and retain — control of your business, for recovery in the long term. Whatever the unique situation faced by your business, from adapting to changing regulatory developments, dealing with new payment terms introduced by suppliers, to introducing a new technology to stay competitive,  maximise the options available to you. We must act now to recover - to survive and to thrive.  

Detailed below are four critical elements that you need to act upon now, to quickly gain control, restructure and recover. 

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Are you concerned about reduced customer demands, a squeeze on margins or legacy inefficiencies that are currently holding your business back? We will work with you to formulate a strategic approach to operational challenges, enabling you to focus on efficient practices and 'good' (i.e. value generating) costs in your business. We will provide you with technology insights such as automation, and how it can help relieve pressure on your existing operations and resources. 

Find out more about how we can support you in weathering through the challenges, and what are the strategic operational decisions you can make that will benefit you both for the short term and in the long run.

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Cash optimisation

Looking to increase available working capital, reduce debt or access the most efficient form of cash to finance acquisitions? We will help you upskill your organisation, and to restore confidence in the accuracy and consistency of cash flow reporting across your organisation. We will work with you to pinpoint where money is tied up and guide you through your options to increase the cash immediately available to you. This will enhance your resilience in the current volatile environment. 

Find out more about how we can help you make important cash-focused business decisions.

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Financial restructuring

Are you facing financial covenant pressure, credit challenges or a need to improve transparency for key stakeholders that could undermine the viability of your business? We can advise and guide you through your restructuring options to improve your financial position, retain control and keep your creditors onside. Active support and participation from your stakeholders will maximise your options on the best way forward for your business. 

Find out more about how we can help you take control and manage forward for a successful financial turnaround. 

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Strategic mechanisms

If you are exploring strategic options ranging from mergers and acquisitions to strategic exits, we will support you in understanding the mechanisms available to you and how best to implement them in a cost-effective manner. The key is to retain control throughout the process. 

Find out more about how we can assist you to recognise and take early action to preserve your business whether it’s to turnaround or to rehabilitate your business.

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