Career Comeback

It's time to make a comeback

Many women have had to make a choice between their promising careers or taking care of their families. At PwC, we believe in empowering women to fulfil their career potential. Through the Career Comeback programme, we give women who have been out of the professional workforce a chance to return to work and grow both professionally and personally. 

With arrangements such as a reduced work week and more, many of our staff are able to successfully integrate life and work at PwC.

Flexible work arrangements

Worried that your years away from the workforce has made you rusty? Don't worry as technical training in the form of audit methodology and updates on accounting/tax standards will be provided. If you require special work arrangements, we do offer flexible work arrangements and short-term contracts.

Johanna, a Director in Assurance, has this to share about her flexible work arrangement:

“There’s an impression that a flexible work arrangement is not realistic for client-facing staff. What I do is I ensure that my portfolio of clients fits a 3-day week and the people I work with are aware of my arrangements. However, given that I'm in a client-facing role, there will be times when I'll need to work on my off-days. In such situations, I'm happy to compromise and reschedule my off-days.”

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