Celebrating 20 years

“The CRA is an opportunity for our business community to recognise the importance of building trust in our society through Integrated Reporting.”

Olivier Rey, PwC Partner CRA Leader

Established in 1998, the Corporate Reporting Awards (CRA), initially called the Best Published Accounts, was created in recognition of efforts made by companies to improve the presentation and contents of their annual reports. Our objective is to encourage companies to go beyond the minimum reporting requirements, with a strong focus on Integrated Reporting <IR>. 

Today, we're proud to say that the event has become a milestone in the business community. Since 2014, annual reports are reviewed based on the International Integrated Reporting Framework, endorsed on 5 December 2013 by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

The CRA covers several categories, based on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius listing, financial institutions, and Public Interest Entities (PIEs) willing to participate. In 2018, a new segment, Global Business Companies trading on the SEM, was introduced as a new category.

PwC Mauritius - CRA - History Roadmap

Celebrating 20 years in videos

A tribute video to 20 years of financial reporting

We wanted to pay tribute to the initiators of this programme around corporate reporting, whose vision at the time was to transform Mauritius into a sound and trusted international financial centre. 

"The vision that we had in 1998 is still here today. It's as important, and what PwC is trying to do is something I believe in" - Jean-Paul de Chazal, retired PwC Partner, and member of the Jugding Panel for 10 years.

"We are in an ever-changing world. Just as 20 years ago, we have to move forward today, in the digital era" - Lindsay Riviere, retired PwC Partner.

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