Calling for annual reports

Corporate Reporting Awards 2019

Inspiring Trust through Integrated Reporting

Calling for annual reports

Submit the soft version of your Annual Reports via our web form for the Corporate Reporting Awards 2019.

Annual reports should reach PwC by latest Monday 07 January 2019
Winners of the PwC Corporate Reporting Awards 2019 will be announced on 21 March 2019. 

Submit here

You may also submit hard copies (2) of your annual reports. That should reach PwC by latest Monday 07 January 2019 at the address below: 

The Judging Panel
PwC Corporate Reporting Awards 2019
18 CyberCity, Ebène, Réduit 72201

Corporate Reporting Awards - Press Kit

Why switch to Integrated Reporting?

It is a trend gathering pace worldwide and Mauritius is no exception. All stakeholders, including investors, have not been getting what they expected from an annual report. Just looking at the past, in a world that is moving so quickly, is not sufficient anymore.

We can help you on your journey.

Here's where to start

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