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External forces are radically reshaping the workforce. There are new challenges business leaders need to face, due to demographic and social changes, disruptive innovations and technological breakthroughs, including automation and artificial intelligence. As a result, exciting strategic organisational opportunities across industries including remote, agile, and flexible teams are emerging. 

As our work environment continues to transform, organisations need to ensure their structure and people are fully equipped to keep up with the pace of change. Challenges such as unclear reporting relationships, lack of accountability or duplication of effort have become common in organisations causing them to undermine the potential for economies of scale through centralisation. As such, in order to realise a company’s strategy and address the future of work, organisations need to have the right resources, skills, behaviours, structures and governance in place.

Organisational Design
Organisational Design

How we can help 

We support your organisation through every step of this process, from the early stages to the implementation phase. In fact, we boast a portfolio of projects involving the following:

  • Structure and team design

  • Target operating model

  • Organisational diagnosis

  • Building governance clarity and responsibility

  • Capability reviews and functional deep dives

  • Organisation cost effectiveness

  • Back office function effectiveness

  • Post-merger/acquisition integration

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Implementing organisational design changes

Why PwC?

Our team of specialists have significant experience in organisational design and can provide you tailored solutions with a strong added value in the following areas:

  • holistic view grounded in business strategy;
  • proven tools to accelerate the work;
  • deep understanding of how organisations work across different sectors;
  • thought leaders to help management navigate through their organisation’s transformation journey;
  • tools and expertise in strategic workforce planning and upskilling.

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