Workforce Strategy


As the world of work continues to evolve due to the combination of shifting demographics, societal change and disruptive technologies like automation and artificial intelligence, organisations need to adapt to redefine the way work gets done. A way in which this can be achieved is through the creation of an innovative talent ecosystem that builds engaged, enabled and agile workforces. As attracting, retaining and developing a productive workforce continues to be instrumental in remaining competitive. 

PwC enables our clients to take advantage of the rapid changes faced by their organisations along with their workforce, by providing innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to their workforce of the future. As strategic workforce planning is a continuous process of aligning the workforce requirement to the business strategy, it aims to ensure that the right people, with the right skills and capabilities are in the right place at the right time. 

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Workforce Strategy
Workforce Strategy

How we can help 

At PwC we empower our clients to plan, prepare for, and deliver dynamic solutions in a rapidly changing environment. PwC can help your organisation design workforce strategies, while taking advantage of the rapid changes to the organisation and the workforce. Some ways in which we can help include the following: 

Why PwC?

PwC has the capabilities, insights, tools and experience to help harness the potential of strategic workforce planning, develop future leaders and assist you through change successfully. 

  • we bring together an unmatched combination of industry, business, strategy, policy, talent, HR, analytics and technology expertise;
  • we have strong multidisciplinary capabilities and a proven track record through our global People and Organisation network of helping our clients across all industries to rethink their Workforce Strategy, transform their workforce model, upskill their people, and to change the way they think about people management;
  • we leverage PwC’s own workforce planning framework and our unique assets and tools to help clients to upskill their people for a digital world;
  • our team of specialists have significant experience in strategic workforce planning, people development and can provide you tailored solutions with a strong added value to meet your requirements;
  • we conduct research and studies on topics related to the future of work to provide you with useful thought leadership pieces.

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