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PwC Malta’s Real Estate team has considerable experience in, and an in-depth understanding of the local real estate industry and market, enabling us to offer a wide range of best-in-class services. Leveraging on multidisciplinary skillsets, digital tools, and a global reach, our team stands ready to help you unlock and create value through a wide service offering.

Valuation Services

The real estate team has considerable experience in conducting appraisals of real estate asset types in accordance with European valuation standards, including office blocks, retail malls, residential properties, as well as mixed-use commercial and residential blocks. We assist clients in preparing and reviewing valuations of real estate assets for the purposes of financial reporting, investment analysis and appraisal, divisions and mergers, and transactions, amongst others.

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Real Estate Market Studies

The real estate team has assisted a number of investors in mapping out the demand and supply of real estate in specific locations by asset class, prior to embarking on a real estate development or project. In doing so, the team gathers data from a number of industry leading bodies and governmental agencies, with the primary aim of sharing value-adding insights for investors, particularly by identifying potential gaps between demand and supply and causes thereof. Interviews with key stakeholders and subject-matter experts are also an integral part of such research based projects.

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Feasibility Studies

The specialised team at PwC considers a project's relevant factors, including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations. PwC provides a vast experience by assessing a real estate project's costs and return on investment, enabling investors to assess whether undertaking a real estate project is feasible or otherwise. 

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The team assists clients in raising finance for real estate projects, both individually and as part of a larger transaction. Services offered include the preparation, review or due diligence of financial projections, as well as the preparation of investor presentations and information memoranda. Means of financing may include the raising of equity and bond issues, bank finance, as well as alternative financing instruments and fund concepts (including sale and leaseback, REITs, etc.).

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PwC takes into consideration the potential of the real estate industry in reaching climate and environmental sustainability targets. In a world of rapid urbanisation, the real estate industry lies at the centre of an unprecedented level of growth and activity. In this regard, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are being given increased attention by investors.

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Research, Data Collection and Surveying

The research experts at PwC help organisations by providing them with quality research within the field of real estate, which is crucial for making sound investment decisions. PwC focuses on helping the clients achieve their goals through fast data processing, selecting relevant information and presenting that information in a clear and effective way. 

PwC also has considerable experience in collating data through surveys and presenting the findings in reports and thought leadership material, such as PwC’s Real Estate Pulse Survey and ‘A Focus on Real Estate Transparency in Malta’, the latter in collaboration with Jones Lang LaSalle.

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