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Achieving Boardroom Excellence

Elevate your Boardroom experience and help be part of the successful implementation of a business’ vision

What is the programme about?

Board members, company officers and senior management need to have a deep understanding of the governing laws and regulations, as well as various aspects of financial reporting obligations, local & international tax laws and other key areas to further develop their professional competence to fulfil their duties.

Governance requirements vary across markets, therefore it is necessary to improve the understanding and knowledge of various aspects of the business environment which can be perplexing to board members and authorised company officers charged with governance.

Sporadic and unsystematic training can no longer satisfy the increasing needs to fulfill board duties and senior management roles. To assist in better coping with increasingly complex board & governance responsibilities, our team has developed a continuous programme which includes a series of blended initiatives targeted to directors and authorised company officers.

Our tailored programme is dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary skills and techniques for the increasingly demanding board and governance responsibilities.

Through the programme, we offer a platform to:

  • share experiences 
  • share industry best practices
  • keep informed with the latest developments
  • receive guidance from experts and industry champions

Operating environments, sustainability practices, governance developments, regulatory issues, auditing developments, laws and regulations, amongst other factors are changing continuously and we are launching the second year of the programme to help attendees continue building on the knowledge required to fulfil their duties.

Achieving Boardroom Excellence

Who is the programme targeted to?

  • Board members (executive and non executive directors)
  • Company officers
  • Senior management
  • Upcoming board members

This programme is specifically designed for professionals with different backgrounds and across varied industries who either form part of the board of directors, report to the board, advise the board or are upcoming board members. The aim of this programme is to equip professionals with the tools and best practices suited to their business with regular expert guidance.

What are the main areas of focus?

The aim of the programme is to combine the provision of expert knowledge with the invaluable sharing of experiences and ideas with peers. The concept is to provide the participants with a holistic understanding of the business environment, which includes the following: 

1. Local & international tax

General understanding of the local and international tax regime - how such can affect the obligations or benefit the Company.

2. Corporate governance

Understanding the rules, practices and processes to meet demanding board responsibilities and achieve your company's objectives. This includes the importance of understanding your duties and obligations in terms of Maltese law.

3. Financial Reporting

Understanding key financial concepts, giving the knowledge to oversee, assess and question financial information and reporting. Gaining knowledge on directors’ responsibilities in relation to financial reporting.

4. General regulatory environment

Understanding of the general regulatory environment including the banking environment and requirements, anti-money laundering and combating financial terrorism obligations.

Following the success of the 2020-2021 programme, the new edition will continue to introduce new topics, discussions and speakers focusing on the main areas as listed above. The programme is focused on enhancing the knowledge of attendees and mentor them as they progress through the programme.

Structure of the programme

The programme will run across 4 sessions during the January to July 2022 period.

Fee: EUR 350 for the full programme. 

A discounted fee of EUR 300 is offered to the attendees of the first edition.

Can it be tailored to my company's needs? 

Yes, our team will be happy to design a tailored training programme that fits your particular business.