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  • April 2023

"This edition of our property barometer uncovers an emerging trend, where demand for property seems to be shifting from sales to rentals. Survey results also echo findings of the JLL GRETI, carried out in 2022, as respondents feel that there is not enough information available in the market to allow them to make an informed decision."

Angelique SpinaDirector, Advisory, PwC Malta

PwC Malta is releasing the fourth edition of its property barometer which analyses the current local sentiment towards local real estate demand preferences. It was carried out between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 by means of an online survey and targeted the total population residing on the Maltese Islands, garnering 405 responses.

Key Insights

real estate survey-image of balconies

Do you feel there is enough information available in the market for you to make an informed decision when acquiring or renting property?

A previous version of this report inadvertently misquoted the minimum deposit % required in terms of Directive 16. This version has been subsequently been modified to reflect this update

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