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Malta Annual Review 2020

Simon Flynn Assurance Partner

"The COVID-19 outbreak has brought enormous challenges for organisations worldwide. The pandemic has necessitated audit teams to delve deep into discussions with clients around business continuity and around related disclosures in the financial statements. Besides supporting our clients during such a delicate phase, we continue to focus on building trust in the transparency, objectivity and effectiveness of our audit work, to ensure that this remains key to our purpose of providing reliable financial reporting to stakeholders."

Simon Flynn, Head of Assurance

Highlights of the year

Quality remains the cornerstone of our audit practice. Acting with integrity while providing value to our clients are crucial pillars that define the PwC purpose. This year, besides standing with our clients and providing support during these unprecedented times, we have continued to invest significantly in upskilling our human resources not only in the core competencies, but also focusing on wider skillsets of technology and innovative ways to approach audit engagements. Our global methodology and consistent worldwide approach to audit maintains and drives the strong values that PwC is proud to uphold. As a brand, we continue to invest heavily in transforming and digitalising our audit approach to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of value to management and the board. The combination of efforts is enabling us to deliver a positive impact on our people, our clients, on the business community that we serve, and on society at large.

Spotlight on our people

The commitment to our people remains that of providing a journey where each individual receives the best formation around integrity, empathy, accounting and auditing technical skills, interpersonal skills and industry and international experience. 

Therefore, developing our people through ongoing training is an investment that we continue to push for. Having a skilled, motivated and proficient team of professionals is what our clients value and we believe that in these uncertain times, this remains a top priority.

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Simon Flynn

Simon Flynn

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