We assist with public subsidies

We help our clients evaluate and actively manage the risks of public support. Our results and recommendations are based on economic and financial analysis and knowledge of the legislative environment.

Our added value is the unique ability to advise a private or public subject, in which cases and to what extent the issue of public support affects them.

Experience has shown that the use of public resources creates prerequisites for fulfilling the features of public support, but it is possible to find a solution compatible with its rules. We offer clients recommendations and procedures to help them comply with public support rules.

Our experts also support our clients with resolving potential disputes and assist them during communication with relevant public authorities, in both procedural and legal questions.

Compliance with State Aid Rules

We help clients understand and evaluate areas that have an impact on public support.

In compliance with the public support rules:

  • We assess the planned realization of the business plan assuming that it could be considered as public support.
  • We prepare analyses of the scenarios and put them in line with the rules of public support.
  • We design company strategies to provide support under several modes and possible cumulation (combinations).
  • We process financial analysis to demonstrate the compatibility of the plan with the public support rules.
  • We help set up public support funding to be compatible without the need for notification as well as with prior notification.
  • We assist with preparation of notifications for one-time support as well as programs.
  • We implement tailormade training and seminars focused on the topic of public support.
Advocacy counseling

We advise clients on resolving disputes about violations of public support rules and ensuring compliance verification.

During the dispute resolution and verification of compliance, we:

  • Assist clients in cases of unwarranted support at national level.
  • Assist with the preparation of supporting material in the process of proceedings at the European Commission in the field of illegal support.
  • Prepare solutions on how to reduce the impact of illegal public support.
  • Help ensure that regular controls are linked, for example, to balancing payments for SGEIs.
  • Prepare recommendations in interpreting business results to demonstrate compliance with public support rules.
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Jiří Moser

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Jan Brázda

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