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PwC Legal is an international law firm with a wide range of experience, providing not only superior legal services, but also assisting its clients with gaining professional insight into the latest legal issues and trends. The workshops are organised in such a manner to, not only provide an informative overview but, apart from that, to also offer case study analyses focusing on practical employment.


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Aleš Terš

Aleš Terš is a highly experienced Attorney at Law specialising in the field of Labour Law and based in the Prague office. Throughout his legal career he has provided legal services relating to day-to-day corporate issues and other business-related activities. Aleš has extensive experience providing his Clients with legal consulting services especially regarding labour law, restructuring, the sale and purchase of property/shares along with legal assistance with Dispute Resolution. Aleš also possesses practical skills needed with respect to the administration processes within the public sector.

Kateřina Surková

Kateřina Surková is an Attorney at Law based in the Prague office with considerable experience in the field of commercial law including tax law. In the long term, she has been focusing both on local and cross-border transformations of business corporations, consulting regarding acquisitions and sales of companies and their subsequent reorganisation. Kateřina has taken part in many restructuring projects and transactions of local and international holdings both under Czech law and EU law.  

Petr Glogar

Petr Glogar is an Attorney at Law based in the Brno office. He has been focusing on labour, corporate and administrative law for more than 9 years now. At first, Petr gained relevant experience during his assignment in a multinational lottery company and later on during his practice in PwC Legal. In the area of labour law, Petr is primarily focusing on employee transfers, contractual relationships, contracts on the termination of employment and administrative procedures. Regarding corporate issues, he is highly experienced in resolving the potential conflict in the performance of office in statutory bodies and generally in issues related to their position and liabilities.

Miloš Sochor

Miloš Sochors is an Attorney at Law based in the Brno office. While working for the Czech Tax Administration, he gained relevant experience especially in the area of public law. Before joining PwC Legal, he also took part in many litigation cases. During his professional career he has been focusing on corporate and contractual issues, labour law and associated legal compliance checks. Miloš has participated in many international transactions and the resolution of the consequent issues including registration proceedings and dealings with the public authorities.