Legal seminars

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Legal seminarsAbout the seminars

At PwC, we have developed leading expertise in law as we regularly train our clients and professionals in the latest trends and practical issues. All seminars are designed to be practical and engaging, using case studies and examples to illustrate practical implications of law on the environment inside Czech companies.


Who should attend?

The trainings are aimed at anyone who needs to understand key legal principles and topics and keep up to date with current issues in this area.


Benefits of the trainings

  • Your instructors will be our law experts who have extensive experience in training and advisory for clients from the pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and IT sectors
  • The trainings include practical examples from real business situations, with sufficient time being put aside for your questions and discussions with other participants


Topic samples

Damage claim and entrepreneur

Not every entrepreneur takes the advantage given by law and claims a damage caused by the contractual party. Since this topic is closely related to the court proceedings, the party who intends to claim the damage shall act with due care while entering into the contractual relationship. This process may be accompanied by entering into the arbitration clause with both negotiating and preventive effect. The institute of damage compensation does not apply only to the relations between entrepreneurs but the company may also seek protection against the damage caused by public authority. In the course of this seminar, we will also familiarise you with the comparison between the current and upcoming legislation as given by the new civil code.

Law minimum for managers

This seminar is intended for entrepreneurs, managers and other key employees. Its aim is to familiarise the business community with basic principles regulating the private law, especially commercial law, and with essential obligations towards public bodies that every entrepreneur has to meet. We will therefore guide you not only through the ground regulations of commercial law including the obligations of statutory bodies, but also through the company management, the obligations towards commercial and trade register as well as other public bodies, so that you may predominantly focus on the entrepreneurial activity itself.

Travel Allowances

Entrepreneurs regularly underestimate the rules stated in the Labour Code related to the travel allowances, in particular while assessing the level and the type of catering fee, e.g. by the lump-sump, and they do not use all the options given by the relevant law. Such negligence may bring either unreasonable administrative and economical costs or an inspection from the side of the state authority. Adoption of a proper internal policy may also be one of the measures that can eliminate the negative impact.

Myths and mistakes in Labour / Employment Law

Dealing with Labour / Employment Law issues is one of the basic responsibilities affecting day to day life of every entrepreneur. There are many rooted mistakes and half-truths in practice related to labour law, which may cause a breach of law and, consequently, inducing fines from the state authorities. The aim of this lesson is to clarify the most common mistakes made by the employers, which we regularly encounter in our practice and which are repeatedly fined from the side of state authorities.

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