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Sophisticated threat actors have targeted a large global IT management software service provider and their customers via a supply chain cyber-attack. Adversaries had managed to breach its internal network and embed a malware inside the firm's popular centralised monitoring and management software. In what is believed to be one of the biggest supply chain attacks in history, it is believed that nearly 18,000 of its customers are running the vulnerable version.

The affected software provides services to organisations across the globe and serves a wide range of U.S government agencies. The trojan malware that is used in this campaign is primarily focused on espionage - tracking emails and gaining access to on premise and cloud resources. Victims should expect malicious activities on their environment including but not limited to sensitive data exfiltration, file execution, and forensic and anti-virus services termination.

The current list of alleged victims related to this campaign includes victims from government, consulting, technology, telecom and extractive entities in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Threat intelligence

Watch Huynh Thien Tam, Director of Threat Intelligence at PwC Singapore talk about how gaining a holistic understanding of your threats will give you the right intel to stay ahead of cyber risks.

Why do you need a trusted Threat Intelligence partner?

New cyber-attacks techniques and tools due to remote working

Emerging threat actor groups

Heightened challenges for security & IT teams to identify full extent of threats

Reliance on multiple intelligence tools lead to excess of data and lack of dynamicity

How we can help

Picture this: With virtual ways of working increasingly becoming the norm posing heightened cybersecurity issues, your organisation can leverage best-in-class expertise to mitigate attacks even before they have a chance to threaten your security and business.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for organisations to have a trusted threat intelligence partner to provide timely, actionable intelligence to understand the emerging threats, stay on guard and always be one step ahead of cyber attackers at every stage. Our service offerings:

Threat Intelligence report subscription

Threat Intelligence report subscription

Threat Intelligence reports

  • Provide context surrounding an indicator of compromise to understand its implication to your organisation.
  • Provide expert advisory on tools, techniques and procedures. 
  • High confidence threat data on APT/ Threat campaign that targets based on various sector/regional locations.
  • Report comprising information for both C-level executives to make decisions based on informed risks and SOC Team to directly feed high confidence threat data into security operations.

Directed research and assessments

  • Adhoc analysis – a custom research for businesses who need tailored threat intelligence inputs e.g. malware and spear phishing email analysis, including IDS and host-based signature development.
  • Analysis support – when required, we can provide second- and third-line intelligence support to assist with complex triage and incident response investigations.

What does a threat intelligence partner mean for your organisation?

With our threat intelligence service offerings, we enable your organisation to make faster security decisions in the fight against cyber threats.

We empower your organisation’s experts to stay informed at all times - to quickly identify new, emerging threats and understand how they can impact your organisation.

We provide your security teams with clearer action plans and contextual information to evade imminent cyber attacks and prepare your defences for a broad range of potential attacks including hacktivism, espionage, nation-state threats and cyber crime.

Why PwC?

  • Global perspective of the threat landscape: our threat intelligence is carefully sourced from over 40 countries from our own incident response engagements.
  • A business strategy-driven approach: We understand your business environment - our research goes beyond purely technical data and includes strategic intelligence, tailored towards informing business decisions and higher-level security strategy.
  • Informed and unique intelligence: all the intelligence derived through research is conducted by our in-house experts, informed by our global incident response services and both open and closed sources.
  • Subject matter experts - our technical research team comprises a blend of expert malware, intrusion and cyber intelligence analysts working alongside geopolitical and strategic research analysts.

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