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Battling COVID-19 & the ‘Glocalisation’ of Lessons Learnt: The Singapore Experience

The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, causing huge impact on people's lives, families and communities. As the international response towards the situation continues to develop, many have also looked to the Singapore government's approach to containing the COVID-19 spread thus far. PwC Singapore Health Industries Leader, Dr. Zubin J Daruwalla shares his take and key learnings on the Singapore Experience in battling COVID-19.


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The New Health Economy in the age of disruption

The avenues through which health services are delivered using new age technologies are changing at an unprecedented pace. New business models are emerging, and we can witness new entrants combining with traditional players to offer new capabilities and models of care.

Their arrival in the industry should prompt players new and old to reconsider their business models and their strategies or risk being left behind.


“While I am certain that no doctor will be completely replaced by robots or technology, I am also certain that all doctors who do not embrace technology will be replaced by those who do.”

Dr Zubin J Daruwalla Health Industries Leader, PwC Singapore

How we can help

PwC Singapore has a strong Health Industries team to work with you in defining and delivering effective solutions addressing the complex challenges affecting your business.

HealthTech Advisory

Singapore is becoming the hub for HealthTech startups in the region, and supporting this New Health Economy and HealthTech ecosystem helps Singapore capture both economic and social value. However, both local and in-bound HealthTech startups face challenges in setting up and scaling up successfully in Singapore, the region and internationally. PwC's Venture Hub provides HealthTech Advisory services supported by a practicing clinician and a global network of HealthTech innovators to help startups and investors alike navigate the ecosystem.

For early stage startups, our PwC Singapore Entrepreneurial HealthTech Academy (SEHTA) programme guides them from building a solid foundation operationally, refining their business plan to prepare for successful and sustainable commercialisation. We also provide general and clinical advisory, go-to-market strategy and fundraising services for mid-to-late stage startups looking to scale and expand within the region through our extensive regional and international network. 

Clinical Data Governance

Stakeholders both in and out of the Health Industries ecosystem rely on an endless amount of data. It is important to ask…

  • What data does your organisation have?
  • Where do you store all this data and what do you use it for today?
  • What could you potentially use this data for in the future and what is required to enable this?

The establishment of sound data governance in all organisations is vital for success and more importantly, for ensuring that patient or consumer safety and privacy are never compromised. It allows the integration and analysis of healthcare data for diagnostic and treatment purposes, the evaluation of new medicines that may lead to new discoveries, and many others that have a positive clinical impact. We help organisations build their data strategies and manage their data from end-to-end from acquisition, governance, ensuring of security and privacy to performing data analytics and monetisation.

Future of Health

The future of the Health Industries necessitates a paradigm shift from healthcare to health, hospital to home and quality and volume to value based care. Today, patients are empowered consumers ready for and demanding hyper-personalised solutions that are seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.

Our holistic approach focuses on achieving strategic coherence between people, processes and technology. Coupled with our various perspectives and expertise, we help our clients on their journey to becoming future-ready.

Health Powered by Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the layering of automation and intelligent technologies that enable organisations to harness technologies to transform the way they work and deliver their services. It has profound transformational benefits and organisational implications that require robust operational excellence and organisational change to be successful.

Within the Health Industries space, IA technologies enable the journey of an organisation moving from a Traditional Enterprise to an Intelligent or Smart Enterprise. We work closely with our clients through their IA delivery and tech enablement journeys.



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