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PwC Singapore's Venture Hub adopts a one-stop shop approach to providing solutions, services and collaborating with motivated entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators within the venture ecosystem to help them expand into their key markets.

Let's Get Real: Unlocking Singapore's Unicorn Potential

According to our 2018 APEC CEO Survey, more than one third of APEC CEOs believe that Singapore has the highest potential for producing the next “unicorn” among the APEC economy, outside of the US and China. But why hasn’t Singapore seen more unicorns? Patrick Yeo, our Venture Hub Leader, breaks down the challenges and strategic actions to make success a reality.

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How we can help you

Inbound Venture Capital Fund Managers

Venture Capital business setup

What is the right structure for my fund entities and how should they be established? What regulations are there that may affect my business? Are there any local partners that I can work with? These questions often come to mind when setting up a new business. With PwC Singapore's Venture Hub, we will tackle all your pain points and guide you through this process.

Day to day operations of your Venture Capital business

Once you have established your business, how do you manage your daily operations?  After your initial setup, you will need several functions such as a company secretary, a local director and ongoing compliance to conduct your business and comply with regulations in Singapore. Rather than spend time to find the right people for the job, why not leave this to us so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Growth of your Venture Capital business

We will provide invites to numerous startup events around Singapore and the region, we take a portion of your work burden off your back by identifying and introducing you to startups which fit your investment mandate.


Against a backdrop of increasing regulation and continuing financial market volatility, venture capitalists are facing mounting challenges. Our Venture Hub provides a single point of access to help develop integrated plans for managing funds, improving portfolio company performance and ensuring flawless transactions.

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Whether it is value chain strategy, customer experience, product and service innovation, business model restructuring or accelerated cost reduction, the Venture Hub team will work collaboratively and creatively with you to deliver tangible and sustainable business performance in a creative but disciplined way.

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Incubators / Accelerators

Creating meaningful opportunities to collaborate and to fine-tune innovative products that can be brought to market can be challenging. Our Venture Hub team can support you by delivering a sustainable pipeline of professional services and collaborative events to help build and maintain lasting business relationships.



Our Team

PwC Singapore's Venture Hub is made up of a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals; well-versed in the fields of technology and innovation, and are equipped with in-depth expertise in numerous other industries. With extensive global experience, successful track records and a strong global network; our team has a deep and profound knowledge of the marketplace, enabling us to provide you with the best professional and strategic advice to achieve business outcomes with pace, certainty and agility.

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Patrick Yeo

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Dr Zubin J Daruwalla

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