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Enabling the future of financial services

Staying ahead in the evolving FinTech landscape

Disruptive technology has challenged FinTech companies to constantly embrace change to remain competitive. Our team provides a wide spectrum of services that can enable Fintech players to be equipped with the right skillset to navigate the future of financial services. These include strategy consulting, technology consulting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), data & analytics, regulatory response, digital trust, assurance, tax and other services in the venture space.

Key pillars of FinTech today

Building trust in the cryptocurrency world

Digital assets have disrupted capital markets and garnered tremendous industry momentum globally. The rapid adoption of digital assets poses diverse challenges and uncertainty with evolving market opportunities, governance expectations and compliance standards.

One area where emerging market players can consider to tackle these challenges is audit readiness. A completed audit will help businesses demonstrate to stakeholders that they have adequate understanding of the relevant risks and its implications on financial performance. It also helps businesses to continually scale their operations and seize opportunities in the digital asset space.

Find out how you can build trust with stakeholders and drive your business forward.

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Riding the digital payments wave

The dynamic digital payments landscape is constantly evolving, with new technology posing both challenges and opportunities. With keen interest from investors and support from regulators, the payments industry is expected to experience continuous growth.

Businesses, both incumbents and new players, that can understand and adapt to changing market demands and provide innovative solutions will emerge on top.

Find out how you can remain ahead of the wave.

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How we can help you

Navigating the journey from the startup phase right through to establishment may be difficult. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in the financial service industry will provide you with customised, strategic and effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

Early growth

We understand the unique set of challenges which companies in the early growth stage face. These include difficulty in establishing a concrete business plan, ambiguity in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and keeping up-to-date on the upcoming changes to the international tax system.

We can help you with:

  • Entity formation - Provision of company secretarial services that deal with entity formation and the establishment of business presence in Singapore
  • Fund raising - Provision of fund advisory services such as strategic review of funding decisions, financial models to test feasibility/impact of financial decisions and teaser deck to present to investors
  • Regulation and compliance - Advisory, implementation and validation services in relation to risk frameworks, monitoring programmes and regulatory submissions
  • Taxation - Wide range of solutions designed to reduce tax costs through the use of efficient structuring techniques and trading arrangements, assisting in corporate and income tax planning and GST compliance


As firms look to mature, building and supporting sustainable growth, ventures into global markets and improvements in operational efficiency with digital tools and technology are imperative for businesses to remain competitive in the FinTech environment.

We can help you with:

  • Strategic review - Business strategy and acquisition strategy reviews over financial due diligence, expansion business plans, global go-to-market strategy, as well as assistance over the budget and forecast preparation over such strategies
  • Assurance (audit and non-audit) - Accounting, finance, legal and regulatory reporting support, validation and audit services
  • Going international - Connecting FinTech businesses with strategic partners to leverage on existing capabilities, and with strategic investors for practical and effective funding options
  • Efficiency - Project management services and transformation assurance to help FinTech businesses remain competitive


As businesses strive to stay relevant in the industry, responding to the rise of new players and implementing strategic business decisions may seem like a complex process.

We can help you with:

  • Licensing - End-to-end advisory and assistance for digital banking and payment services license applications
  • Corporate finance - Services across M&A spectrum through extensive acquisition due diligence, target valuation and financial modelling
  • Exit strategy - Advisory on the various exit strategies and processes, post-merger integration, valuation support and IPO road-map

Working closely with industry players

A successful ecosystem requires businesses, regulators as well as customers to come together and co-create meaningful solutions. At PwC Singapore, we embrace innovation and disruption in the market, constantly working together with industry players to solve important problems and accelerate growth. Some of our collaborations include:

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