Sustainability & Climate Change

Business success is not only measured by how much a business earns but also by how a business earns it. By actively managing sustainability, a business can manage its risks more efficiently and strengthen its trademark and corporate reputation. Sustainability differentiates businesses, saves costs and has competitive advantages. We can help you understand which areas pose the greatest sustainability and climate change risks to your business, form strategies to address them and support you with the necessary organisational changes and reporting processes.

Areas where PwC can help

Strategic sustainability Assurance & reporting Governance, risk & compliance Supply chain & operations Policy & economics Tax & the regulatory environment


Sustainability: The economically rational business imperative

How we can help you with your sustainability and climate change challenges

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Event: Sustainability ReportingA workshop to provide you with practical guidance on how to structure and develop your sustainability report as per SGX requirements. register now


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Monica Hira
Sustainability & Climate Change Leader
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Fang Eu-lin
Sustainability & Climate Change Partner
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