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Adding trust to digital transformation through de-risking, change management and robust operational planning

Businesses today are at a critical juncture, facing multiple challenges that demand constant change and reinvention of their operations for sustainable growth.

Our Transformation Service team is made up of specialists who drive end-to-end trusted transformation programmes for your organisation. With the independent, honest and experienced voice of guidance that we bring to transformation programmes, your organisation will be able to move confidently from current state to a future state, where people, process and technologies are all adequately considered and suitably addressed.

How our transformation services can help you

Our Transformation Services team has played countless roles in bringing positive changes and have been future-proofing our clients against the dynamic business landscape. We bring the best talent across all enablers of change: platforms, processes and people.

Planning a transformation programme

To ensure that there is strategic alignment between your business strategy, transformation blueprint, achievement of outcomes and the offset of risks in your organisation, we help you articulate a clear-cut transformation project execution plan that brings these components together. This will be your north star to guide your investment spend and maximise the value of your transformation programme. We help you:

  1. Define business outcomes: Translate the transformation blueprint into tangible business outcomes, prioritise them and develop the delivery roadmap to successfully achieve the outcomes.
  2. Define value management: Define quantifiable value metrics against the business outcomes to translate the outcomes into measurable value that can be systematically tracked throughout the project lifecycle.
  3. Set up a Value Management Office: Develop and operationalise an operating structure to track, measure and monitor value realisation to know that you are on track to get value from your transformation investment spend, and to receive early warnings of threat to value realisation.
  4. Establish senior governance: We help develop an oversight on strategic spend and governance mechanisms to ensure continual alignment of strategic goals, timing, progress of value realisation with the dynamic nature of project delivery.

What you will achieve

The planning stage of the transformation programme is key to help you bring your business goals to life. Rather than conducting transformation activities in silos, you will have a clear, robust plan which links strategy, business changes and realities, and the desired value for your business.

Realising value from your change programmes

Focused execution is critical to transformation success and this goes beyond “just doing”. What is required is thoughtful and laser-sharp execution with the end and the risks in mind, and actively deploying interventions at the right time to drive changes, integrate the moving parts such that when the programme is completed, all the moving pieces are in the right place, well-stitched together. To achieve that, we help you:

  1. Derisk with a Project Integration Office (PIO): The PIO supports leaders to drive quality delivery of the programme, advise on integration issues, problem solve with pragmatic solutions, gain trust and commitment across your organisation towards the success of the transformation. Being an independent, neutral party, we embed trust early with a call out of key risks and challenges and act on mitigation plans swiftly to ensure the project is anchored back to business outcomes and value. Day 1 readiness is key.
  2. Perform value management reviews: Regular reviews against baseline value management plan to review progress against plan, manage any issues, evaluate ‘lessons learnt’, and identify any new benefits that should feed into the overarching value management plan.
  3. Manage testing and defect management: Advise, review and operationalise test management strategy and approach to ensure testing is done in a robust manner, defects are managed and fixed systematically, and there is strong governance and oversight to get comfort over the operability of the system. Oversee end to end test execution (e.g. unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing) to provide quality assurance.
  4. Conduct technical assurance: Beyond project integration, we also provide technical assurance over code reviews, continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD), data migration, deployment strategies, cutover, security and data integrity to provide trust that the underlying technical, data and security layers are secured.
  5. Perform portfolio and programme health and maturity assessment: Review your transformation programme and deployment approach against our Project Delivery Excellence framework. This will enable you to benchmark your portfolio and programme maturity for each of your focus areas (insight, control, efficiency, alignment) and identify the key areas of improvement.

What you will achieve

A full suite of services across the entire transformation lifecycle to help you deliver your transformation programme seamlessly, from programme initiation to post implementation.

Ensuring a seamless go-live experience

Day 1 readiness is critical to prevent disruption to existing operations and customers’ experience. Readiness is by design and not by chance. To go live safely and smoothly, we help you:

  1. Assess and plan for operational readiness: We provide an in-depth assessment ahead of key milestones in your project delivery in functional, regulatory, migration and organisation readiness and help you close the gaps to get ready. Are the outcomes operable? Do they meet business needs? Do they comply with regulations? What are the practical ways to close the gaps before go-live?
  2. Assess and plan for organisational readiness: Plan for people’s acceptance of changes, skills and new roles and recommend appropriate interventions. Are people sufficiently engaged in knowing what to do post launch? Are they adequately trained? Is there organisation-wide buy-in for the upcoming changes?
  3. Assess and plan for system readiness: We review and test if system integrations are done robustly and whether underlying data have been migrated accurately and completely.
  4. Plan for transition and execute: We ensure that the organisation is ready to operate in the new, transformed environment.
  5. Hypercare management: During early days of implementation to smoothly transit from project mode to business-as-usual.

What you will achieve

Your organisation will be set up for success, with trust and confidence that you will move seamlessly from project mode to Day 1 to new ways of working.

Change management for new ways of working

The return on investment from the implementation of new technology and operating models is maximised through an effective and pragmatic change management strategy. As a result of the transformation, it is imperative to empower your people to embrace new ways of working, through:

  1. Target operating model assessment, design and implementation: Define end-state operating model through assessment of current state, benchmarking analysis and business/operational vision alignment; Prepare the leadership and the organisation to implement a future-proof target operating model.
  2. Change management strategy and interventions: Once the transformation programme is initiated, our change management approach is to work in collaboration with your organisation closely to adopt the new systems and ways of working successfully. We define and deliver your transformation through practical interventions that are customised to your organisation’s needs.
  3. Organisational change implementation: We put the “people” factor front and center to help organisations sustain the success of change. We provide independent analysis and recommendations of critical behaviours required to achieve the desired transformation state. These insights will be incorporated into the implementation phase where we co-create practical engagement and communication activities with you to drive the success of your transformation agenda.

What you will achieve

Bringing your people along the transformation journey will increase adoption of new ways of working (including usage of platform) and realise your programme values.

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