Regulatory Reform

Since the global financial crisis, regulatory reform has topped the agenda for financial institutions. Regulations have and will continue to change the banking landscape dramatically to rebuild the credibility of financial markets and contain systemic shocks to the financial system. These efforts are emanating from various directions whether it pertains to strengthening FIs or enhancing investor protection.

Regulators are more proactive and take more intrusive approaches to supervision while protecting domestic interests concurrently. Although a difficult path to tread as new regulations and financial services become increasingly complex, it is important for organisations to understand:

  • The buffet spread of different regulations in each country and its rationale;
  • How regulations potentially impact their business and across the industry;
  • The various implementation timelines for meeting the requirements of these regulations;
  • The importance of adopting a synergistic approach to implement these regulations.

Some key areas on the regulatory radar for 2013:

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Basel III
  • Corporate governance and risk culture
  • Recovery and resolution planning
  • Personal Data Protection Act (Singapore)
  • Investor protection
  • OTC derivatives
  • Implementation of FAIR
  • Technology Risk Management

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