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The Asia Pacific Centre for Family Business Excellence

Building your family and business generation by generation

Family businesses are powering the Asia Pacific Century

  • Many listed companies across Asia’s stock exchanges are driven by families.
  • From start-ups to global multi-nationals, family businesses are powering national economies and employment opportunities.
  • Asian family businesses are rapidly growing across Asia Pacific and will become global powerhouses.

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Navigating Family Business Challenges in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the growth region of the world and much of that growth is driven by family businesses. Many listed companies across Asia's stock exchanges are driven by families. However, in order for family businesses to continue to survive beyond the next few generations and thrive, there are several areas they will need to navigate.

In working with families across the region, PwC has observed that success depends on how family, business and wealth elements are clearly defined and managed. By understanding how the three elements interact with one another, family businesses can take steps to clarify their roles and determine their rules of engagement. Family businesses that do this well are one step closer to building a strong foundation for the generations to come.

How PwC can help

Building your family and business generation by generation. Enabling, empowering, encouraging and exciting families and their businesses to succeed by realising the power of their potential

Professionalising the family

Facilitated by a dedicated team of experienced PwC family business experts from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, with support from experts from INTES, our workshops are customised and designed for individual families to identify and unlock barriers to growth and implement best practice.

Providing a platform to network

Creating opportunities to connect and collaborate with other family businesses from Asia Pacific and around the globe

Professionalising the family

In addition to professionalising the business, families are also looking at how to professionalise family members too. As one respondent in our last survey said: “the soft issues are the hard issues when it comes to family matters.”

In order to do that, families need to break down the barriers that are affecting them the most. This often requires families to get into a room and work things out, it may also require individual family members to develop their management skills in order to give their best.

Our workshops and skills programmes are facilitated by PwC and INTES experts from across the globe, each of whom have many years’ of experience in helping family businesses to deal with difficult areas such as managing conflict, developing shared values and creating good governance.

The workshops are customised and designed for individual families to identify and unlock barriers to growth and implement best practice. They are designed to address critical areas such as agreeing business strategies, legacy plans and even exit strategies.

Workshop topics include:

  • Developing shared values and value statements
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Rules of behaviour
  • Moving beyond the first generation
  • Family dynamics
  • Family councils
  • Identifying skills gaps
  • Good governance
  • Establishing a board of directors

Providing a platform to network

Making the right connections with other likeminded businesses is a sure way in which to identify crucial collaborations, develop new ideas and learn about best practice.

To help family businesses owners, next generation members, key family leaders and their management teams across the region to do just that, we aim to:

  • Facilitate one-to-one or small group connections between family businesses across the region. The closed door meetings will be held by a PwC partner and typically take place in the home country.
  • Host local events for family members to debate and discuss the challenges they face. These events will take the form of roundtables, seminars and conferences around specific topics.
  • Create alliances with leading business institutions.

Our Advisory Board

The Centre’s Advisory Panel comprises of family business leaders from across the global PwC network.


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Global Leader
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Asia Pacific Leader
Entrepreneurial and Private Business
PwC Singapore


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US Leader
Family Enterprises and Business


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EMEA Leader
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PwC China

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