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Entrepreneurial and Private Business

Your trusted business advisors dedicated to providing integrated business solutions to owner-managed and family businesses. We are built around you.

You’re at the centre

Growing a business can be demanding, exhilarating, and intensely personal. That’s why we’re here to provide practical business advice to help your business succeed and grow the way you want it to. Our dedicated Entrepreneurial and Private Business (EPB) team takes a keen interest in helping private companies and their owners navigate each stage of the business lifecycle. At PwC, we’re built around you. We’re here to listen, today and tomorrow.

A personalised and holistic approach, just for you

At PwC, we’re dedicated to understanding what matters most to you and your business. We call our approach “The Owner’s Agenda”. This framework is designed to assist you in developing both your ownership and business strategies in a consistent and integrated way, reflecting that you sit at the heart of each of them, and that your agenda encompasses both.

No matter where you are on your business journey, your PwC team is at your side translating our unique vantage point and perspective into real insights that can help you succeed. Together, we can find new opportunities, and shape the future of your business. We’re built around you.

Governance Wealth Purpose and Values Continuity Manage Ownership Deals and Growth Strategy and Transformation Profitability Risk andRegulatory Talent Ownership and Stakeholders Capital Manage Business

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Helping families and their business achieve their long-term

How PwC puts its passion and expertise to work for your family business

Trusted business advisors

Our EPB team has deep industry experience and business knowledge which can help owner-managed and family businesses turn challenges into opportunities in key areas of your business including growth, human capital, market reporting, mergers and acquisition, regulation and compliance, governance and risk management.

We understand private companies have different issues compared to public companies so we aim to bring a fresh and new approach to your business. The team is able to tap on the regional and global PwC network to connect you with the right team to address your needs, especially if you are looking to expand into different markets.

To find out how we can provide practical business advice to help your business grow the way you want it to, get in touch with us today.

Alex Toh

Partner, Capital Markets, PwC Singapore

+65 9112 7130


Anuj Kagalwala

Partner, Family Office, PwC Singapore

+65 9671 0613


Charles Loh

Partner, Consulting, PwC Singapore

+65 9735 2389


David Toh

Partner, Risk Assurance, PwC Singapore

+65 9735 0156


Jovi Seet

Partner, Deals Advisory, PwC Singapore

+65 9816 1587


Kwek So Cheer

Partner, Transformation Assurance, PwC Singapore

+65 9030 4617


Lee Chian Yorn

Partner, Accounting Advisory, PwC Singapore

+65 9752 9506


Lennon Lee

Partner, Tax, PwC Singapore

+65 8182 5220


Lie Kok Keong

Partner, Transactions, PwC Singapore

+65 9770 5788


Lim Hwee Seng

Partner, Tax, PwC Singapore

+65 9758 7049


Lim Kexin

Partner, Tax, PwC Singapore

+65 9784 8577


Mohd Saiful Saroni

Partner, Assurance, PwC Singapore

+65 9731 5235


Tham Tuck Seng

Partner, Capital Markets, PwC Singapore

+65 9618 3776


Dr. Wilson Chew

Partner, Strategy, PwC Singapore

+65 9665 9661


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Ng Siew Quan

Asia Pacific Leader, Entrepreneurial and Private Business

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