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When HR service scales up

We are living through a time of transformation. Businesses are changing at great speeds, while continuing to grow rapidly. Internal functions such as human resources (HR), traditionally thought of as staid and stable in their supporting roles, are evolving alongside external business units. 

As you’ll have come to realise over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR professionals have a critical role to play in leading organisations through the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

The renewed focus on people matters, such as employee wellbeing, communication and engagement, and enabling a range of working arrangements, means that you’ll be needing new solutions for your HR operations, policies and processes. And with businesses under pressure to achieve operational efficiency and increase productivity, digitalisation and automation is key. 

We can help

How will this benefit you?

A better HR service delivery
A better HR service delivery

Tune in to HR data and insights to spot opportunities for cost optimisation and service improvement


Stronger business partnering
Stronger business partnering

Rebalance your HR structure to reduce your administrative workload, freeing you up to focus on higher value activities


Improved employee experience
Improved employee experience

Good HR services creates positive employee experience which could lead to improved productivity


Greater business value
Greater business value

The positive feedback loop created by a wholesome employee experience could unlock greater commitment and ignite collaboration to deliver greater value for the business

We can help

Our services include:

Payroll services

We offer the full range of payroll processing and payroll tax consulting services so you can focus on greater value activities. We can help you with aspects of payroll including:

  • maintaining employee records

  • calculating employee salary and wages

  • computing and adding bonuses

  • distributing payroll

  • generating payroll-related reports

  • ensuring compliance with the current taxation laws

HR managed services

We provide end-to-end co-sourcing solutions for:

  • recruitment and onboarding,

  • benefits and claims administration,

  • training administration,

  • employee data management, and 

  • HR help desk.

We help improve service levels by incorporating design thinking to improve the overall employee experience when interacting with HR - from integrating chatbots and natural language processing with case management, to content management, and easy-to-use mobile and web portals.


Review of HR functions

We review your HR processes to provide recommendations for improvement and achieve your objectives for efficiency and productivity. This could include:

  • diagnostic assessments of functional capability

  • audits of compliance and performance

  • complex policy and process redesigns

  • HR services optimisation

  • HR restructuring

People insights

Gain a macro view of your workforce by surfacing data-driven insights from your HR data to identifying risks and opportunities to transform your HR function. You’ll be able to monitor trends and understand the contributing factors which will support you in your efforts to improve operational and financial results. 

Have you done a payroll health check recently?

Sustainable cash flow management continues to be a key strategy for Malaysian companies through the global pandemic and beyond. With staff payroll as one of your organisation’s largest operating expenses, your team may be under pressure to provide accurate projections on expenditure to your leadership team. And with increased audits from regulatory bodies, non-compliance may result in high penalties. It is essential to be audit ready and to re-examine your current processes and internal controls, so that you can put in place any remedial action, where required.

You may also have participated in initiatives from various government stimulus packages during the pandemic. The complexity of these packages, combined with the speed with which applications have to be submitted, may present a greater challenge in meeting compliance and audit requirements.

Regular payroll health checks can alert you to gaps in these areas.

Health check

Getting audit-ready

We can help assess your current processes and internal controls, and identify areas for enhancements so you can take remedial action where required. Our recommendations can include, amongst others:

  • compliance with local legislations;

  • technical accuracy of calculations (sample basis);

  • process and policy enhancements for cost and operational efficiencies, and 

  • identification of opportunities for automation/tools.

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