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Enhancing trust in food is a growing concern in a climate where public confidence has been rocked by many high-profile scandals. 
A more coordinated and strategic approach is needed, one that takes a holistic view to identify, monitor and mitigate weak links in the supply chain from farm to fork. 
The end goal is food trust and business performance being linked by a strategy, culture and an operating model that drives brand performance by putting safety, quality and customers first. It’s a total solution that can be tailored for any food company, anywhere.


Our food trust framework



Food trust snapshot:

Supplier risk management

Today’s supply chains are complex and global, with many companies experiencing regular disruptions and increasing regulation. Read more about understanding the key risks of your supply chain and the impact of their failure on your organisation's performance and what steps your organisation can begin to take to turn your supply chain risks into a competitive advantage.

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Enhancing supply chain resilience

Properly managing supplier risk is more important than ever with the growing number of third-party vendor suppliers to avoid negative impact to your brand. In this paper we outline the benefits of using a supplier risk management framework that not only offers increased levels of control; it can also help your organisation maximise value.

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How we can help

Our food supply and integrity services give a breadth of expertise not usually combined in a service offering to address the urgent need for a fully integrated food trust assurance and consulting business.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can put our many years of experience, knowledge and relationships to work for your benefit. Together, we’ll help you give people greater trust in your food.

Talk to us about our services. We’d love to hear from you.

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